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Chris H Laing
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Default oly rep schemes

Which rep schemes work best for the olympic lifts? I'm planning on doing one day a week dedicated to the oly lifts, and what wondering what kind of rep ranges are most effective for progression.

I'm looking for 3 rep schemes that will be cycled in a MEBB type way. Something like 4x3, 6x2, 10x1 (thats what I'm planning on using unless someone has a better suggestion), where the reps per set and total volume are decreased, so the weight can be increased.

Any suggestions?
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Júlíus G. Magnússon
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Not that I'm any expert on this matter by any means, but if it was me, I would drop the triples and just cycle the singles and doubles. Heck, since you're only doing this once a week, I would probably just do the singles with a few doubles for warmup.
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