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Emily Mattes
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Default Kneecap pain

In the past couple of days I've been having pain on my kneecap when doing squats, especially when weighted and in the bottom position. After workouts the kneecap is sore whenever I sit with the knee flexed, like cross-legged or something. My knees are tracking directly over my toes and aren't wobbling back and forth when I squat.

The pain seems directly on my kneecap, maybe slightly centered towards the top of it.

I did some searching and a cursory review of other people's symptoms indicate this may be a problem with tight quads, but my quads are actually pretty flexible and don't feel sore or tight at all. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Steven Low
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Hm, if it's not patellar tracking issue..

I'd try some myofascial release on the quads and some cross friction above the knee cap. See if it helps.
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