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Emily Mattes
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The good news is hamstring's feeling better, I should be able to start working it seriously again on Monday. The bad news is I need to deload hard before then--I've been pushing my upper body hard for the three weeks prior to make up for not being able to work my lower body, and now it's been shot all week. I guess that can be taking it as a good thing, means I didn't let my injury stop me from making progress elsewhere! I've been drilling my core work and I can definitely tell my back is stronger, especially in that crucial mid-to-upper-back area where I've been having such trouble learning to engage it.

Also: did weighted dips with 25# on Sunday! Not bad for a fat-ass lady!

2010.08.31 REST

HH, High-power Cl: 35x4x2, 40x4, 45x3, 50-50 working on smooth transition from 2nd to 3rd pull
Push press with 2'' axle: 40#x5, 90#x5, 120#x4, 130#x3, 140(f)x a lot
Incline DB press: 25#x5, 30#x5, 40#x4, 45#x4, 45#x5x4
Bradford press: 45#x5, 65#x5, 75#x(4+f), 70#x5x3
Seated front-raise DB shoulder swings (weight, reps per side): 15#x12, 20#x12x2
Landmines: 80#x10x3

4 rounds of
Medicine bar curls over foam roller: 25#x15
Diamond push-ups x 10


Pull-ups w/band: [Yellow+black x 3, Black x 3 x 9] <- 0:45s between each set
Pendlay rows: 30x5, 40x5, 45x5, 50x5, 55x5x2, 50x5x2
Upright rows: 20x6, 30x6, 35x(5+f), 30x6, 32.5x(5+f), 30x6, 31x6
Hyperextensions: BW x 10, 15#x10, 25#x10x2, BW x 15
Hammer curls: 25# x a lot, 30#x12x2
Knees-to-elbows: 10x3

3 rounds of
Half KB TGU (no standing, weight, reps per side): 16kg x 10
KB swings: 28kg x 12


2010.09.03 REST


12'' log PP: 100#x3, 110#x3, [115#x3x2, 115#x(2+f), 115#x3x4, 115#x(1+f)] <- :45 in between
Zercher back curls*: 80#x5, 120#x5, 150#x3, 180#x3x3
Farmer's holds (fat grip)/Yoke walk-out: 160#/200kg x 0:20/0:30, 130#/200kg x 0:30/0:30 x 2, 130#x0:15
Kneeling squats: 40x5, 50x5, 70x5, 80x5, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x5x3
Kneeling cable crunches: 90#x10x3
Pull-throughs, cable and band: Sets of 25 with miscellaneous cable weight plus sets of 25 with green band

*I think I invented Zercher back curls. Place fat bar on pins at waist level or a little below, get it in Zercher position, then curl it up straight using your back. Rounded back strength YEAH. Probably unsafe for people not used to practicing with a rounded back.


DE Push press: 45#x5, 55#x5, 65#x5, 75#x4, [80#x3x8]<-- 0:45s in between
Close-grip bench: 45#x5, 65#x5, 95#x5, 110#x5, 120#x5x3
Dips: BWx5, 5#x5, 15#x5, 25#x5
Bicep curls (strict): 35#x6x4
Side raises: 15#x12x3
Static abs (weight, reps per front and both sides): 70#x50
Hanging leg raises: 15x3


HHPSn: 25x5x2, 30x4, 35x2, 40x2, 45x2, 50x2
ME Sumo DL: 40x6, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 90x3, 95x3, 105x3 <-- WEAK-ASS HIPS
Pull-ups, band: Purple x 6 x 2, Orange x 6 x 4, Orange x (5+f)
Pull-throughs, cable: 110#x12, 130#x12x2
Feeling broke, quit here




ME OHP: 20x5, 30x5, 35x5, 40x3, 45x3, 48(f) <-- this is when I decided I needed a deload
OH DB press (weight, reps per side): 15#x10, 20#x10x2
RH: 90#x10x3
Band GM: Green x 30
Wide-stace band GM: Thin purple + Green x 20
Band ham curls: Black x 20 x 3
Standing cable crunches: 80#x10, 90#x10, 80#x10
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Emily Mattes
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Still taking things easy but working my legs back into the swing of things.


Er, I forgot. Some light pressing and back work? And hamstring rehab stuff?

Sn: 25x4, 35x4, 45x2, 50x2, 53, 55
C&J: 45x3, 55x2, 60x2, 65x2, 70, 75(f)x4
BS: 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3
Farmer's walks, 110#x60'
Tire flips, 250#x60'

  • Did the full lifts for the first time in a month. I expected terrible things and they felt fantastic. The bar has also never moved as fast as it is now, my first snatch kept me off guard. I could feel my limitation was simply lack of leg power from staying off of working them. I failed that first 75kg clean because I couldn't stand up, but the pull and catch felt like one of the smoothest and snappiest of my life--no bar crashing, nothing. It is heartening to know my body remembers how to do these lifts even when it hasn't been doing them.
  • Squats, farmer's, tire flips were light but my legs are exhausted. Monday will be interesting.
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Emily Mattes
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First leg workout back was affected by DOMS in my quads. It has been a while since I've had it this bad and is likely because I haven't used them at all, where at least I've been doing rehab work in my hams and glutes. Lesson learned: even if injured, keep doing light work in ALL areas.

Starting a full-on Westside + Oly + event training template this, we'll see how my recovery works. Prior to that have been doing Westside-like but with a Back/Press split instead of Lower/Upper.

2010.09.12 REST


ME Lower
Sn: 30x4x2, 35x3, 40x2, 45x2, 50x2, 52x2, 55, 57, 45x2x3
GM: 20x5x2, 40x5, 45x5, 50x3, 55x3, 58(f)
Sumo DL: 50x8, 75x8, 60x8x3
DB rows (strict, focusing on scapular retraction): 15#x15x2, 20#x15x2
RH: 90#x10x3
Quadruped: 10x3
Stability ball roll-outs: 15x3


2010.09.14 REST


Cl: 45x4, 53x2, 60x2, 68x(1+f), 60x2x3
DB clean + 3 presses (weight, reps per arm): 15#x5, 25#x5, 35#x5, 45#x5, 50#x3, 55#x3, 60#x3, 65#x3, 70#x3, 75#(f on press)
OHP DB: 25#x6, 35#x6x2, 40#x(5+f), 35#x6
Dips: 5x4
Wide-grip negatives: 10s x 5 x 2
Wide-grip pull-ups, bands: (thin purple + yellow)x6x3
Bicep curls: 20#x15x3
Stirring the pot (reps each direction): 10x3
1/2 kneeling Paloff presses, band (reps per side): black x 15 x 3
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Emily Mattes
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Posts: 727


Box squats DE: WU, 50x2x12, maybe 45s in between each set
Sumo DL DE: WU, 60x2x8, maybe 45s in between each set
RH: 50#x15, 70#x15x2
Pendalay rows: 20x10, 30x10, 35x10x3
Pull-throughs, band: Thin blue x 15 x 3
Bird dog: 15/side
Quadruped: 15/side x 2
Stability ball roll-outs: Large ball x 20 x 3

Cosgrove's Evil 8
Sets 1-5 (8-4 reps): 25kg
Sets 6-8 (3-1 reps): 30kg


2010.09.17 REST


Sn: 35x5x2, 40x2, 45x2, 52x2, 55, 58, 60(f)x1x3, 55x2x3
C&J: 45x4x2, 53x2, 60x2, 68x(1+f), 60x2x3
Axle clean & press (clean each rep): 106#x3, [121#x3x3] <- 45s in between each set
Yoke walk: 325#x60'x3 <-- 45s in between each set
Sled drag/Keg carry: 250#/150# x 60' each x 3 <--- 30s between each set
Prowler push: 200# x 80' x 3 <--- 30s between each set


OHP DE: 25x8x3
DB Bench (weight, reps per side): 25#x8, 35#x8, 40#x8x2, 45#x8, 50#x(7+f)
Body rows: 8x4
Bicep curl negatives: 35#x10sx5, 25#x10sx5x2
Pull-throughs: 120#x15x3
Shoulder swings: 20#x15, 15#x15x2
1/2 Kneeling Paloff press: Purple band x 20
Standing Paloff press: Purple x 20 x 3
Landmines (no core rotation, reps per side): Bar x 10, 10#x10x2


Sn: 35x4x2, 40x2, 45x2, 53x2, 56, 60, 63(f)x1x3
DL off 1 plate: 70x5, 100x4, 110x3, 115, 120
Sumo DL: 70x6, 75x6x3
Barbell glute bridge: 40x15x2
Single-leg hip thrust (reps per side): 15x2
RH: 100#x3
DB rows (slow, strict, focusing on retraction): 30#x10x3
Stability ball roll outs: Large x 20 x 2, Small x 15 x 2
Bird-dogs (reps per side): 15 x 3

1) Blew ME DL off plates, misloaded 100 and 110 onto bar instead of 85 and 95 and blew warm-ups.
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Emily Mattes
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Holy crap has it really been this long since I updated this log? If I didn't have one somewhere else I would give up and start over.

Have been following a programming style on Oly lifts where I work up to a 1RM and then do some heavy doubles, triples after. The goal was to get used to handling heavy weights and maxing and stop being a headcase. This past week I realized the lifts I missed was due to consistent technique errors I needed to work on rather than freaking out about reaching a certain "attempt" weight. Normally major technique errors would not be a reason to celebrate, but hey, it means I've made progress on the mental training front!


2010.09.21 REST


Cl: 45x4x2, 52x2, 60x2, 68x2, 73(f)x3, 65x2x4
45-degree incline bench: 75#x5, 95#x5, 105#x5, 115#x3, 120#x3, 125#x(1+f)
OH DB press: 40#x5x5
Dips: 6x4
Wide-grip pull-ups, bands: Yellow+black x 6, Purple+black x 6, 8x3, Purple+yellow x 8 (trying to get larger range of motion)
Bicep curls: 25#x12x3
Stirring the pot: 15/side x 4
Side planks (weight, time per side): 10kg x 30s x 3


DE Box squats: Warm-ups, 60x2x12 (~45s in between)
DE Sumo DL: 65x1x10 (~45s in between each set)
RH: 70#x15, 80#x15x2
Pendalay rows: 40x8x2, 50x8x2
Pull-throughs, band: Green x 15 x 3
Weighted pendulum quadruped: 35#x15, 25#x15
Standing Paloff presses: Yellow x 20/side x 3


2010.09.24-27 School overload


Sn: 35x4x2, 40x2, 45x2, 51x2, 54(f)x1x3, 45x3
ME DL deficit, 2 plates (~2''?): 70x5, 80x5, 90x5, 100x3, 105x3, 110x3, 115x(1+f)
Sumo DL: 70x5, 80x4, 90x4, 95x4x3
Weighted glute bridge: 50x15x2
Weighted pendulum quadruped: 30#x12x2
RH: 140#x10, 120#x10x3
DB rows (strict, scapula retraction): 40#x8x3
Stability roll-outs: Small stability ball x 20 x 3
Bird-dog: 15/side
Quadruped: 15/side
Standing Paloff presses: Yellow x 15/side


1-arm DB C&P (more properly C&J, weight, reps per side): 45#x4x2, 55#x3, 55#, 65#, 75#, 80# (right arm fail), 85#(f) (Now You Try entry for that 80# for the left arm)
Clean: 45x4x2, 53x2, 60x2, 68x2, 72(f), 60x2x2, 63x2, 65x(1+f+1)
OH DB press: 45#x3x5
Dips: 7, 5, 7, 6
Wide-grip pull-ups, band: Yellow+purple x 8 x 4
Bicep curls: 30#x10x3
Bird-dog: 20/side x 4
Quadruped: 20/side x 4


2010.09.30 REST


Box DE: Warm-ups, 40x2x12 (~30s in between each set)
Alternating Sumo/Conventional DL DE: 60x1x10
Hanging rows: 40x8, 60x6x4
RH: 90#x15x4
Band pull-throughs, straight leg: Green x 15 x 3
Single-leg hip thrusts: 15/sidex2
Standing Paloff press: Orange x 15/side x 3


Sn: 35x4x3, 40x2, 45x2, 52x2, 55, 57(f), 45x3

2'' axle C&P: 88#x4, 106#x3, (130#x1 in 60s)
Yoke walk: 255#x60', 305#x60', 350#x60', 400#x60' in 51.34'
Keg carry/Sled pull: 150#/350# x 60' each in 1:11.34'
Truck pull sim with sled*: 250#x60', 350#x60', 405#x60'
Good mornings: 40x5, 45x5, [50x2x10] <-- maybe ~15s in between each set, done "mania-style" with another lifter (i.e. I do a set, she does a set, I do a set, etc)

*Truck pull sim: Thread belt through loop of sled rope, put on belt with sled behind you, get low (hands on the ground) and pull


2010.10.03 REST (skipped DE Upper again, no good excuse)


Sn: 35x4x2, 40x2, 45x2, 53x2, 55, 58, 61, 64, 67(f)x1x3, 68(f)x1x2, 70(f), 67(f) a lot, 45x3
Sn (pause @ knee): 45x3x3
ME BS: 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 90x3, 100(f)
DL: 70x6, 80x8, 70x8, 75x8
Wide-grip pull-ups, bands: Purple+black x 8, Yellow + purple x 8x3
Barbell glute thrusts: 40x15, 20x15x3
Band seated hip abduction: Black x 15 x 3
Kneeling pendulum quadruped: 30#x15, 40#x15x2
Roll outs: [Evil wheel x 3-4 + small stability ball x 11-12] x 3
Side planks (weight, time per side): 10x45s, 15x30sx2

1) For the first time ever my hamstrings were worked during a conventional deadlift workout!
2) Missed 68 behind, so, so close. Was surprisingly not freaking out when weight got heavy.


2010.10.05 REST


Cl: 45x4x3, 53x2, 60x2, 68x2, 72(f)x1x2, 65(f)
Incline axle OHP (45-degree): 40#x5, 60#x5, 80#x3, 95#x3, 105#x3, 115#x3, 120#x(1+f)
Floor OHP*: 20x5, 25x5, 30x5, 35x5, 40x5, 40x(3+f)
Bicep curls (strict, slow, weight, reps per side): 35#x8, 30#x8x2
Scapula push-ups: fuck crap
Stirring-the-pot: Large ball x 15, Small ball x 15 x 2
Shoulder prehab stuff

*Floor OHP: Sit on floor with legs outstretched, press from there.

Started doing scapula push-ups on Thursday and suddenly it felt like the muscles of my right shoulder gave out and my scapula slid extra-far towards the midline of my body. No pain or tightness, everything just feels extra loose on that side, especially when retracting that scapula, like I gained an extra inch or so of range of motion in the retraction movement. If this happened while rolling or stretching I'd probably congratulate myself on a job well done. Stopped normal workout and did shoulder rehab stuff (and abzzz)


2010.10.07 REST


Box squats (TO PARALLEL!!!!!!!): BW x a lot, 30x5
Box squats DE: [35x2x4, 30x2x6] <--- ~45s in between
DL DE: 65x10x1
Band hip abduction: Black x 15 x 2
Single-leg thrust: mix of single-leg bridges, hip-thrusts for sets of 15
Pull-throughs: 120#x15x2, 80#x15 (much straighter leg)
Standing Paloff press: Orange x 15/side x 3
Sled pulls:
- Monster walks with 45#, 90# for a lot
- Taking a walk down the street with 180#

1) Finally, finally got a fully controlled box squat to parallel. The posterior chain work is paying off.
2) Lumbar stabilization work is working as well, continuing to increase band tension on Paloff presses.
3) Hamstrings and glutes activating on sled pulls!


EVENTS (dynamic day)
Sn: 35x a lot, 40x2, 45x2, 52x2, 55(f), 55, 58, 60(f)x1x3
Axle C&P: 60#x3, 84#x3, 106#x3, [116#x3x3] <-- 10 breaths in between each set
FS: 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3x2
Yoke: 360#x60'x3 <-- round-robin style with another lifter
Keg carry/sled pull: 150#/325# x 60'/60' x 2 <-- round robin
All-fours sled drag (truck pull sim): 360#x60'x2 <-- round robin
Stones: 165#x3x2, [165#x3x3] <-- ~1:00 in between each set

1) First time doing stones since hamstring injury, felt a little stretched but good.
2) Skipped C&J due to time constraints.
3) First time doing front squats in a while, again, hams and glutes activating, which is cool.


OHP DE: 28x3x8
Power C&J (BLK AK): 35x4, 45x4, 50x3, 55x3, 60x3, 65x3x3
DB Bench (weigh per side): 35#x6, 45#x6, 50#x6x2
Bradford press: 45#x8, 65#x5 + 45#x3, 55#x7 + 45#x1
Shoulder prehab stuff
TGU: 16kg x 6/side x 3

1) Did cleans above the knee to diagnose form errors--ability to do power cleans for 65 above the knee when I could barely do a 68 double from the floor Wednesday indicates problems are below the knee. I don't think I've done 65kg power cleans from the blocks before.
2) Jerks kind of killed my strength for the rest of the workout.
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Emily Mattes
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PSn BLK (above knee): 35x4x2, 40x3, 45x3, 50x3, 55x(1+f), 50x3, 53x3x2
Box squat ME (to parallel!): 20x5, 30x5, 40x5, 50x3, 60x3
Stripper box squats*: 10x3
DL: 70x6, 90x6, 100x6, 90x6x2
Wide-grip pull-ups (bands): Black + purple x 6 x 4

Pull-throughs (straight leg): 90#x12, 110#x12, 130#x12, 140#x12x2
Kneeling pendulum quadruped: 50#x12, 45#x12
Glute bridge: 50x12, 40x12 (better form)
Seated band adductions: Thin purple x 12 x 2
Roll-outs: Wheel x 5 + small stability ball x 10, Small ball x 15 x 2
Leg raise planks**: 15/side, 10/side x 2

* Stripper box squats are taking the box to below parallel, then using side of power rack to control movement downward so I can practice sitting way way back on the box and engaging hamstrings

** Leg raise planks are doing a full plank (straight arms) and raising one leg.

1) Yes, that's a max of 60kg for a triple on a parallel box squat, I am that weak.
2) Supersetted those leg raise planks with the roll-outs and they killed my abs for the rest of the roll-outs.
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Emily Mattes
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Noticed today haven't had a rest day for a week. That's pretty dumb. Probably why my jerks and box squats weren't feeling so great.

Need to rework accessory work, I haven't been following my own programming and there's been accessory bloat as a result.

Jerks: 40x4, 45x4, 53x2, 60x2, 68, 73
Seated floor OHP: 20x5, 35x5, 40x5x2
Standing BB rows: 40x6, 50x6, 60x6x3
Push-ups, feet elevated ~1.5': 10x2
Push-ups, band: Black x 6
Biceps (strict, slow): 35#x6x3
Hypers: BW x 15 x 3
Side planks (weight, reps per side): 15kg x 30s x 3

1) Jerks were supposed to be ME, but shoulders felt completely burned out on the first set, possibly from the planks and shoulder rehab yesterday?
2) Playing with push-ups, will probably use bands in the future as elevating my feet doesn't load the exercise enough.


DE Box squats (above parallel ): 20x5, [35x2x10]<-- set every 45s
Cl (pause @ knee): 35x4x2, 40x3, 45x3x2, 50x3, 55x3x2
2 Cl pull to knee + 1 Cl (pause @ knee): 55x2x3
DE DL: 70x5, [70x1x5] <-- set every 45s
Standing band hip adductions: Purple x 12 x 3
Single leg hip thrusts, glute bridges: Mix of two exercises for 12 x 3
RH: 90#x15x2
Standing Paloff presses: Orange x 15 x 3
Weighted bird-dogs (weight, reps per side): 10# x 12 x 3

1) Just did not have the strength for the below parallel box squats, pretty disappointing but probably tied to lack of recovery.
2) Working on clean pulls to knee to fix first pull, hamstrings just blowing out from this!
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Emily Mattes
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Massive update post

2010.10.15 REST


12'' log: 100#x3, 122#, 144#(f)x1x3, 133#, 140#(f)
Yoke: 255#x80', 345#x80', 395#x80'
Sled pull: 200#x 80', 250#x80', 315#x80'
Keg carry/sled pull: 150#/405#x80', 150#x80'+425#x20'
Truck sim: 200#x80', 325#x80', 405#x40'

Think my only PR was the sled pull. Damn, I am not recovered from the week of workouts.




OHP DE: 30x3x8
DB Bench (weight, reps per side): 40#x5, 55#x5, 60#x(1+f), 55#x5x2, 55#x(4+f)
Bradford presses: 55#x6, 65#x6x3
Roll-outs, stirring the pot


2010.10.19 REST

Sn pull to knee x 2 + Sn (pause @ knee) = 25x3, 35x3, 35x2, 40x2, 45x2x4
Box squat (to parallel!): 20xa lot, 20x5, 30x3, 35x3, 40x3, 50x3, 55x3, 60x(1+f)
DL: 70x6, 80x6, 95x6x3
Wide grip pull-ups, bands: Black+purple x 6 x 4
Stripper box squats: 10x3
Hip abductions, band: Green x 12-15 x 3
Pull-throughs: 150#x10x3

1) The snatch pulls-to-knee + pause @ knee is BRUTAL.
2) Box squats are back to parallel!


OHP: 20x5, 30x5, 35x3, 40x3, 45x3, 50(f)
Seated floor OHP/Z-press: 20x5, 40x3, 45x3x3, 45x(2+f)
OHP: 40x3
Push-ups, band: Black x 6, Black x 5 x 4
Bicep curls, eccentric (weight, reps per side): 40#x5x3

3 rounds of
KB C&J, 16kg x 10/side
KB swings, 16kg x 15
Air squats x 15

1) There's no reason my Z-Press should feel easier than a standing OHP but it does--don't know what form issue is going on with my standing OHP to make that so.


Cl pull to knee x 2 + Power Cl (pause @ knee): 35x3x2, 45x3
Cl pull to knee + Cl (pause @ knee): 50x2, 55x2, 58x2x3
DE Box (to parallel!): 40x2x12
DE DL: 75x1x10
Single-leg glute bridges: 10/side x 3
RH: 100#x15, 110#x15x2
Hip abductions (machine): 115#x12x2

1) Clean pulls-to-knee + pause @ knee are even MORE brutal.
2) Finally figured out how to do single-leg glute bridges properly, and they hurt a lot.


2010.10.23 REST


Yoke: 165#x80', 255#x80', 365#x80'x3, 255#x80'
Keg carry/sled pull: 150#/310# x 80' x 3
Truck pull sim: 355#x80'x2
Stone loading to 44'': 165#x3
Stone loading to 42'' (working on hip pop): 165#x42''x3x3 <-- ~45s between each set
BS: 70x5, 80x4, 90x2, [80x3x3] <-- 30s between each set

12'' Log: 100#x3x6 <-- 45s between each set
DB Bench: 40#x5, 50#x3, 60#(f), 55#x4x4, 60#(f)
Bradford press: 45#x5, 70#x4, 75#x4x5
Face pulls, cable: 40#x12, 60#x8x2, 40#x8
Shoulder cross-overs, cable: 30#x12x3
Stirring the pot: Small stability ball x 15 x 3
Roll-outs: Small stability ball x 15 x 3

1) Stacking these workouts was a bad idea
2) Dynamic day was totally not dynamic and I am not recovering.
3) DE Upper was also kind of a fail, at least in the DB bench department, but can be expected I guess given everything else I did.
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Emily Mattes
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The addition of full-time school has totally sent my recovery into the toilet, so I'm going to drop to a four day/week schedule. Three weekday workouts will rotate between the four Westside program days (ME Upper/Lower, DE Upper/Lower), Saturday will remain Strongman/Oly Saturday. I don't actually remember the last time my actual program has been four days a week, probably back when I first started lifting. Part of it is I need flexibility in my schedule to switch workouts around or double them up if need be, and I could make that happen with a five-day Oly-only program but on a five-day Westside/Strongman program my rest days and workouts need to be in their ideal place or progress halts.

Deload this week, blessed, blessed deload.
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Emily Mattes
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Was frustrated with the lack of recovery with the deload, but last week was quite busy. The boy also wisely pointed out that lack of sleep might have something to do with it, a weekend of sleeping eight hours or more every night seems to have borne that out as I'm feeling quite a bit better now.

I get frustrated because of my continued lack of progress on the big lifts. I have to keep in mind that I'm changing my form on everything to use my posterior chain properly, and I've spent my two years of weightlifting with it deactivated so it's going to take some time for it to catch up and me to see significant gains again. I know finally having hamstrings and glutes are going to do awesome things for my lifting, but I'm impatient, I want the progress now!

2010.10.25 REST

Sn: 35x4x2, 40x3, 45x3
FS: 20x5, 40x5, 50x5, 60x5
GM: 20x5, 30x5, 40x5x2
Some KB swings with 28kg bell (not long, just to get up heart rate)

Push press: 20x5, 40x5x2, 50x5
DB press (weight/reps per arm): 15#x5, 25#x5, 30#x5x2
DB rows (weight/reps per arm): 25#x5, 35#x5, 45#x5x2
Push-ups: BWx10x2

Cl: 45x3x2, 52x3, 60x3
Box squats (BELOW parallel!): 20x5x5
Stripper box squats: BW x 10 x 4
RDLs: 50x6, 60x6, 70x6


Sn: 35x3x2, 45x3, 50x1x4
C&J: 45x3x2, 50x3, 60x1x3

12'' Log C&P: 100#x3x3
Stones (working on hip pop, used low platform): 44'': 165#x2, 42'': 165#x2, 40'': 165#x2x2
Yoke: 245#x80'x4
Sled drag: 135# x a while, mix of monster walks, pulls, etc, took a trip around gym, down hill, up hill again

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