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Grissim Connery
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Default Cool Recipe - Paleo Souffle


it's a souffle w/ butternut squash, pecans, and coconut. i've been playing with souffles recently cause i wanna figure out how to get them to rise. i made a version with butternut squash, ground beef, and mushrooms. i put pesto sauce on afterwards (i'm trying to use up my pesto cause it's still fresh). as strange as this combo may be, it was delicious.

maybe not the most paleo minded food, but i love sticking something in the oven and seeing what comes out half an hour later.

i really need a copper bowl though to get my eggs to rise further.
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Arien Malec
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Just looking at that recipe, it's going to work much better using 3 eggs, rather than 2, separating the eggs, beating the yokes in with the squash and other ingredients, then beating the whites just to the point of hard peak (not beyond), and folding gently into the squash mixture before baking.
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