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Chris Robinson
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Default Supplements

I've never taken many supplements, but after doing some research it seems there are a few I should be taking.

First, fish oil and CLO. I'm going to start taking at least 3 tsp of Carlson's fish oil (3.9g EPA/DHA) and 2ml of Blue Ice Gold Therapeutics CLO (10000IUs Vitamin A, 1000IUs Vitamin D) daily. Poliquin talks about the body adapting to fish oil rather quickly, so I was considering alternating every two weeks between the Carlson's and Flameout. This has the added benefit of cycling higher levels of DHA. Your thoughts?

Second, ZMA. ZMA seems to be the people's choice regarding zinc and magnesium supplementation, as well as a sleep aid. What brand(s) do you recommend? Also, I know many people take ZMA in conjunction with either 5-HTP or PharmaGABA to sleep better. Any preferences between the two? Which brand(s) do you recommend?

Third, probiotics. My wife is coming off of antibiotics, so I know she needs some, but do most of you take them regularly? I'm planning on going with Dr. G's recommendation and getting the Essential Formula's Professional Formula, unless someone persuades me otherwise.

Fourth, and finally, Dr. Sears and Dr. Cordain recommend the following supplements: Vitamins E and C, Selenium, and beta carotene. If I'm eating a Zone-moving-toward-Paleo diet, do I need to spend my money on these supps? If so, what brand(s)?

Thanks for the guidance.
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Allen Yeh
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The only time I've really cycled fish oil stuff is due to running out of something and taking what I have around the house for a bit until I get around to reordering. I typically switch between Carlson's very finest lemon, Carlsons Cod liver oil and Flameout.

I like the biotest ZMA as well as the Now Foods ZMA, I wouldn't recommend the GNC brand ZMA. Not sure aobut the other 2 things you mentioned as I've never taken them.
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Bo Bolund
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I take magnesium orotate and vitamin d3. Instead of omega3 supplement I eat fatty fish regularly. I've read many fish oil supplements are rancid.
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Demyan Khrolenko
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life extension has a great brand of fish oil. Its taken from baby sardines in new zealand with basically no mercury.
Alittle more expensive than some other brands but defonatly the highest quality fish oil on the market in my opinion.
For sleep i use melatonin. I love it. I wake up feeling good, it works every time, and no nightmares.
St Johns wort and 5HTP give me nightmares...
i need to start taking magnesium and calcium.
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Aimee Anaya Everett
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I think supplement companies all want you to take their supplements. I personally think it is unnecessary to load your body up with all of these vitamins or supplements. Especially if you are eating Paleo and getting everything from your food.

Fish Oil is the #1. We use Carlson super Omega, you can buy it cheap from vitacost.com. Stick it in your fridge or freezer so it doesn't oxidize and you are good to go (this will allow it to NOT go rancid).

I also use creatine, glutamine, and glucosamine. Simply to help my muscle recovery, and I don't use them all year around. I actually haven't taken them for nearly 4 months and just recently started again as I am entering a strength cycle.

Regarding probiotics, I try and eat 1 activia yogurt a day. I hate yogurt, but you can eat it in 3 or 4 bites and it really helps your digestive system.

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Derek Weaver
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Poliquin is very sharp in some aspects... and has lost his mind on others if you ask me.

Don't worry abou the fish oil and having to cycle it.

Re: ZMA, I'm with Allen, I like the NOW Brand. I definitely feel a little better with it.

Like Aimee said though, the rest is all extras, not really necessary if you eat whole foods for the bulk of your intake.
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George Mounce
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Come on, Suzanne Somers takes 60 a day and injects hormones. That's the way to go!

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William Yundt
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What about Desiccated Liver Tabs? I remember reading in the past that a few people around here had taken them. Are they a worthy substitute for raw liver? I know the bodybuilding community has been big on them, but I wouldn't be taking them to get big, just to reap the benefits of eating liver w/o having to choke it down.
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Garrett Smith
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I have used the Ultra 40 liver tabs myself and with some of my athletes. I think they're a very beneficial source of protein with more benefits than muscle protein alone.

Make sure to take them with some kind of fat source, as the liver tabs are de-fatted. I usually would have some brazil nuts.

Liver tabs, nuts, and a little dried fruit make an convenient and muss-free traveling meal.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Todd Mccraw
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I also like to supplement with Zinc as I feel that it really helps your immune system.
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