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Emily Mattes
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I always do some dynamic stretching to get things moving. I follow that with the dot drill or a few minutes of rowing. Or sometimes I do the dot drill/rowing first. I'll then do some broomstick/7.5kg bar work--overhead squats, scarecrow and tall cleans/snatches depending on what I'm working that day, presses, air squats, Sots presses. It changes depending on my mood, but I always try to work in the scarecrow and tall lifts and the Sots presses.

I try to throw in the Diesel Crew shoulder rehab program right before my warm-up. I'm not as good about that as I should be. I've had random weird shoulder issues, nothing major but enough that I should be doing prehab work.
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Alan O'Donnell
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Location: Boston, MA
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Recently I've been warming up with 50 1 pood KB swings, plus some pushups and pullups. It's quick and seems to work pretty well.
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Old 12-23-2008, 12:54 AM   #13
Blair Lowe
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This is my complete workout warmup.

-Roll on back and shoulders on foam roller. Roll neck around, twist torso/lower back
-Hang from bar and do mini kip/tap/beat swing. We call them wiggles in gym. Elbows pop while hanging.
-Practice hanging from changing grips and doing 1/2 turns in hang.
-Hang and do leg swings to each side 3-5x and hip circles both directions.
-Swing on dip bars with bent knees piking at hips to loosen back. I also do this on bar.
-Stick work, 7-15 in over/under/L-grip, halos
-Cuban press 7-10x
-Support on rings.
-Upper arm support and shrugs. Stretching in the bottom of the dip.
-7-10, maybe 15 of the following:
good mornings with stick
high bar back squat
stiff leg deadlift
front squat with stick
straight leg deadlifts, sometimes i alternate each rep in a set with SLDL
stick deadlifts
" Multi-directional lunges " lunge forward, back, sideways, front diagonal, back diagonal, crossing over in front and back 2x each with each leg, sometimes 2 rounds
-Occasionally SDHP with stick or light weight
-Burgener WU, heaving snatch balance in there.
-Leg swings 5-15 sideways in front of body, forward/back sometimes with straight and bent knee
-Hold bottom of pistol for 15-20s
-10 calf raises feet together, heels together, toes together and on one foot, bring toes off ground so it goes heel to toe
-3-5 depth jumps, stick landing
-Squat down to candlestick, deck squat 5x or do this and pistol up. sometimes do yoga plow/basket/crash position on back
-Sit in L, heel lifts 10-30x, hold for 30s; repeat in straddle, sometimes do hip flexor circles
-5 yoga pushups, 5 divebombers alternating
-Wrist prevention: back of wrist to pushup, pushup to MCP joint, pushup to fingertips at top, wrist stretches in over/under/L-grip, sideways and circle leans 7-10x
-Head bridge, roll from side to side and up and down
-Hand bridge, bridge pushups 5-10x, bridge rocks 5-10x
-Standing hip circles, trunk rotations, backbends
-Wall HS, free balance, HeS roll out
-Jump-press to HS 5-7x

20-30m. I forget stuff sometimes cause well I'm forgetful.

I used to do rowing before when I had access to a rower until I decided I didn't care enough about rowing for 3-5m. Sometimes I will row for 2-3m or 500m while at an affiliate.

Short WU is always shoulders, wrists, yoga pushups, 5 leg swings per, GM/BS/DL with stick, Burgener WU, head bridge, ankles, and generally stick dislocates and hang from bar or rings and swing around a bit. 10-12m, maybe 5-10 if I go super fast.

Daily WU in morning is side lunges, Basic lifts with lift, foam roller, hang from bar, stick dislocates, yoga pushups, Burgener WU. Takes like 3-5m, if that.

I forgot I like adding wrist curls in circles, up/down, side2side with a DB in the short WU or regular one before and after the workout.
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Dean Saunders
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 66

Nowhere near as advanced as everyone elses warmup. I do some light ab work, and depending what the lifts of the day are, light lifts focusing on technique (snatch day - snatch hang and snatch squats) getting progressively heavier until close to working weights. And similar thing in reverse at end of workout with static stretching at end. Not scientifically proven, and probably all wrong but I'm making progress and not too sore in the following days. It seems to work for me
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Gant Grimes
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A few discloates, a few short box jumps, some arm circles, mess around on rings, a few OHS. That's it.
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Old 03-10-2009, 09:03 AM   #16
Kevin Perry
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change it up from time to time,

sometimes a modified CFWU followed by some technique work in the O-lifts or sometimes a warm-up on the treadmill, rower, or eliptical depending on what's available followed by ROM exercises, stretching hip flexors, ankles, wrists.
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Dave Van Skike
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Location: PNW
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I usually do progressive lifts interspersed with KB swings, traction with bands and on press days I've started doing thoracic extension foam rolling as I work the press weight up.

Same every time pretty much, the warmup and the work just flow together with the goal to be workingup/warming up for heavier and heavier movements.


if shoulder feels good warm up with overhead squats, then front squats then narrow stance back squats and then do the squats. maybe 6 warm up sets total.


if it's a pull day warm up with front squats, then power cleans, then a few hi pulls and then start the pulls


if it's press, warm up with a set of 10-15 strict presses really fast, then 5,4,3, 2, 1 increasingly heavy strict press ending with the working weight for a single or maybe a double. Then go to work.

If it's a not a strict press day I'd do this up to a heavy single or double and then start working up from there with push presses working the weight up until it's too heavy to press and then push jerks working the weight up and then maybe press lockouts to work the weight up a little more.

If we're doing events, I always warm up with squats.
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Old 03-10-2009, 10:23 AM   #18
Adolfo Riveron
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Atlanta GA
Posts: 71

10-15 pullups
10-15 bar dips unless i bring my rings to the globo
neck mobility
big arm circles
lower back twists
leg circles
hip circles
shoulder dislocates
burgener warm up
gymnastics for the day (count it as warmup, i lift better when i practice gymnatics before hand)
tall snatches, tall cleans, 3 position lifts, jerks all with an empty bar( depends on what im doing that day)
Long list but it only takes 10-15 minutes including woking on gymnastics. Not counting that it takes 5 minutes.
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Old 03-10-2009, 10:48 AM   #19
Scott Kustes
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Depends on my workout that day, but here's typical:

Gym Workout
General joint movement
- Arm circles (single arm forward/backward, both arms forward/backward)
- Hip mobility - straight leg swings to front and side
- Hip flexor stretching
- Pullups, light shoulder rehab (sometimes the shoulder stuff goes after the workout)
- 250-500m light row on the C2
- 6-8 sets of whatever lift I'm doing at increasing weights

Track Workout - Much more vigorous warmup here...make sure I'm starting to get a good sweat going on.
- Hip mobility - Straight leg swings, front and side
- Hip flexor stretching
- A skips
- B skips
- Power skipping
- Light plyometrics (zig-zag hops, etc)
- Sprinting - 5-8 short sprints (20-30m) @ 60-100% (increasing speed each rep)

Fitness Spotlight
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