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Patrick Donnelly
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It's mostly that I just want to have good pulling strength, but I find it very hard to make progress with regular chin-ups. So, I was looking to the L-pull-up as an alternative, interesting, and fun way to continue working on that. Just a slight weight variance completely changes the difficulty. Just an increase of 2-3lbs can easily be the difference between a 3 rep set and a 2 rep struggle for me, and then doing further sets after a struggling one is simply impossible. That's like eating a large meal pre-workout, rather than a small one, or forgetting to remove your squat shoes before moving on to chin-ups, or drinking too much water. It's also weird that I set my 3RM record of 50lbs at a bodyweight of about 178, and now that I'm about 200, that's difficult for me, but my ability to do a OAC negative has improved dramatically (gone from absolutely no control whatsoever to a 1.5-2s negative).

I am also working on ICPO's 3x a week, but want to keep some bent-arm pulling too (eg. a pull-up variation).
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Darryl Shaw
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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
Three options:
1. ankle weights
2. weight vest
3. weight belt (weight hanging behind you, obviously not with the chain going between the legs in front)

Which is the standard one? (Is there even a standard?) For general strength-building, with the goal of a L-rope climb, which one would you recommend? Why? Each method of adding weight so drastically changes the exercise that I really can't determine which would be best.
I'm not sure if it's necessarily the best method or the safest but I use a regular leather dipping belt with the weight in front and the chain adjusted so it's a little longer than I normally use. I'm always very careful getting into position with the weight hanging slightly below thighs in the L position and so far I haven't had any problems using this method, although for obvious reasons they're some of the strictest deadhang pull-ups I ever do.
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Ben Reynolds
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Most gymnasts I've read about add small amounts of weight at the end of limbs to challenge balance. As far as training for an L-sit rope climb, I would recommend training with ropes specifically if you have at least 10 pullups. Personally, I would get comfortable rope climbing with arms only and straight legs, then gradually incorporate the L-sit as the exercise becomes easier.
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