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Michael Miller
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Dr G, i apologise if im mistakin but i thought you had mentioned in the past about staying away from D3 supps? Whats a good D3 to be using?

Do you feel that the Carlsons CLO is still a good product or is it to low in vit A?

What about high vitamin butter...does it need to be present like the WAP people are suggesting in order to derive real benefit from CLO?
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Garrett Smith
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The D3 confusion came about as I have been figuring out the "vitamin D-like" mechanism of the nightshades I first heard of from Dr. Childers of www.noarthritis.com . I've heard too many positive clinical results from supplemental D3 (and avoiding nightshades) to continue recommending avoiding it.

I think Carlson's is fine. The lower Vitamin A is a good thing, IMO.

Taking A & D with fat is a good idea. The "X-factor" in the butter oil is now theorized to be Vitamin K, which would further synergize with the other fat-soluble vitamins.

I use the Green Pastures Blue Ice Gold Therapeutics (CLO + a little butter oil) because the combination is already taken care of.
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