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Scott Borre
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Besides being an avid outdoors person (playing sports with friends, hiking, biking, X-country skiing etc), I mostly played soccer (overall I'd say 10 years). I was very thin, but fast. Fairly decent soccer player. I quit going into junior year of high school. I screwed up. I wasn't in shape going into the season, and it made me hate life. Besides that, I played tennis for several years off and on. I wrestled freshman year, but didn't do well. I

Later years in high school were basically sportsless, but I did run and play recreational tennis. I also was an avid aggressive inline skater. I was in decent shape but not great shape. Camping monthly with the boyscouts gave me lots of time to play outdoors I should have been more active, I regret it now. I skiied a few times a year.

In college I did very little. I'd play intramural sports, and did well, ran a lot, and went to the rec center to lift from time to time. I started Tae Kwan Do, and ended up as a brown belt before no longer having the time available (evening classes got in the way). I raced mountain bikes a couple of times. I think around my 4th year I started to do Body for Life, thinking that that would make me strong. I really didn't care about the bodybuilding figure. I just wanted to be in good shape. I was also climbing a bit in the rec center's indoor gym.

After college, I got more into mountain biking, and long distance running. I also competed in tennis. Going into my professional career age after grad school, I was running a lot trying to get into shape for adventure racing. I got injured and couldn't run for a long while without lots of pain. That was the end of my real activity, other than occasional runs and light workouts. Then I saw 300. I decided that I was weak and pathetic, and had let all my decent (not great, but the ability to just go out and do whatever at a fairly good level) conditioning go away.

I started to research and do a modified-CF at home with no real equipment. Then I went to a CF facility for a few months, until I no longer could keep up the payments. This led me down a heavy path the last few years reading, and researching as much as I could about fitness. I have continued to explore various fitness programs, philosophies, strategies, etc. I now continue to do essentially a modified-CF endurance style workouts (with little equipment other than rings, and a rowing machine), and a lot of bodyweight workouts. I haven't lifted heavy much at all. Its frustrating. But I found an okay gym nearby for $25 a month that I'm going to start going to, so at least I can lift and squat heavy, even though I can't work on many of the olympic lifts. But I need to get things worked on.

Right now I'd say I'm in the best overall condition of my life, but I have a far distance to go to be comfortable. I have no real athletic/competitive endeavors.
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Justin Algera
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Played soccer and baseball from the age of 5 to HS. Never allowed to play football because I always was over the weight limits for pee-wee leagues, and they wouldnt let me play with the older kids. As soon as I got into HS, played football and made All-State junior and senior year. It was here where I first started lifting weights and we did the Bigger, Faster, Stronger program. Loved weight lifting from the beginning, because 1) I was pretty good at it and 2) was always the strongest in the school, which helps when you are in HS. We were introduced to power cleans but did them completely wrong (although we were taught to squat properly). Was pig headed and stubborn when I graduated and since no Division IA programs recruited me ( I was told I was "too short" by a number of coaches, including Steve Spurrier), eventhough I was offered full rides to UCF, The Citadel, and Cumberland College, I decided to quit. 2 years later walked on to the U of Tennessee where I proceeded to get my ass handed to me on a daily basis. So I quit, partied, got fat, found Crossfit years later, lost over 120 lbs., learned to Oly lift properly (well still in process), then put some more of the weight back on.

Now just trying to find the balance between a good mix of fitness and size while maintaining (and hopefully gaining) strength and increasing my ability to do the Oly lifts without being a big fattie (which I currently am thanks to the holidays).
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Kelly Frankson
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I was born with crooked legs (needed to wear forest gump type splints as a kid to try and straighten them out) was really chubby and uncoordinated as a kid. My sister was a nationally ranked gymnast, but I only lasted about a week in the sport (coordination issue got in my way .
Grade 6 I could finally run in a straight line and started playing volleyball, basketball and softball. My parents thing was anything to do with sports they would drive us and pay for, anything unrelated to sports we were on our own. By Grade 8 I was obsessed with basketball and played every day. I was a starting guard but was always known as the kid who "worked really hard" (being 5'3 didnít help my cause much). Grade 10 started playing Netball, Grade 11 had to do cross country as a pre-requisite for being on the basketball team. When I went away for university I started playing Ultimate Frisbee and started an elite touring team when I moved back home. Then I went back to school to do my MBA and stopped doing everything. Was working crazy consulting hours and did nothing and got chubby for a 2 year period and then found crossfit through a friend of a friend.
At first I was terrified of weights, but then became obsessed with crossfit, dropped 20lbs, started putting up some pretty big numbers and began coaching. I went to one of burgeners o-lifting certs so I could learn how to coach it to my clients and Tim Swords recommended that I contact a guy in BC and see what could happen if I trained at it. I started training with an ex Nigerian National team Coach last November, and was planning on training for corssfit games and o-lifting at the same time. In my first olifting meet last January I qualified for Western Canadians and then at Western Canadians qualified for Nationals and decided to focus on o-lifting until after nationals and then I would still have enough time to get my metabolic conditioning back up for the games. 3 days after Nationals, all excited to get back into crossfit, gave myself Rahbdo doing Tabata jumping squats with a 45lb bar and from that point forward decided to focus just on olifting and gave up the idea of doing both. Now I'm all O-lifting all the time and train about 12hrs a week (although I still coach crossfit on the side).
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Amy Crawford
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I've always been pretty athletic, definitely with some high and low points. I was always the first girl picked on mixed teams, but I wasn't stellar until adulthood (for a bit). Have always been very competitive!

4th & 5th grade ran a little XC, played soccer. 6th - 9th grade soccer, basketball, softball. Had to have major knee surgery 9th grade. Swam & dove all 4 years of high school.

College - varsity beer and bourbon drinker, 2nd team all state with bourbon. Not always a pretty sight!

During my 1 semester of grad school - rugby, still varsity beer drinker (aren't all ruggers?). Still played rugby for a bit afterwards, broke a rib, couldn't play for a while and realized that I was drinking/eating/smoking my life away.

Started running and lifting stupid split routines (about 23 years old). But something was better than nothing and it worked. I became a 20 minute 5K runner and dabbled in personal training, then got in to strength training (working with athletes).

Moved to Vail, CO when I was 26 and bought a mountain bike. I had finally found my sport! I started to race and went from beg to sport to expert in 6 races. We moved back to Virginia, and I was sponsored by a national team. Won a lot of races, won the state title in '98, regionally ranked, etc. Herniated a disc in my back, still rode, but didn't have the time to train to perform at races as I liked. Continued to dabble in weights this entire time.

Exercised through 2 pregnancies, staying pretty damn fit.

I was turned on to CF a couple of years ago. Liked it then, love it now. I like to dabble in the Olifts, but training alone at my own affiliate, it's hard to coach myself with my limited knowledge. Thinking about training for the CF regional qualifiers, with no expectations that I'll make the cut. But if, my divine intervention, I do, that's what I'll do.
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Kisholi Mendis
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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
I was an incredibly nerdy, unathletic kid.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one, Emily!

I was very chubby and wore thick, nerdy glasses till I was 17 (yay for contact lenses!). Although I was definitely nonathletic (except for excellent flexibility, regardless of the chub), I always loved sports and physical stuff of any kind. I was always the kid running at the end of the pack but probably the kid who was making the greatest effort as well. My parents were always more interested in my academics so I usually ended up sacrificing sports for studies.

Anyway, I did play defense on the school basketball team; I was big and could shove people around so that worked out alright. I was taken for swimming lessons but somehow never learned to breathe properly so that eventually fell by the wayside. Played table tennis seriously for about six months but again, some exam thing came up and I dropped it. I remember looking forward to holidays which involved some hiking and climbing in the outdoors.

Having started my first job, I scrounged up enough money for a gym membership and that's when things started changing, albeit very slowly. I was initially put on a cardio-heavy, machine-heavy, 20 rep / 2 set weight programme (yes, I still keep a copy to remind myself how far I've come).

Anyway, the internet has been great. I'm mainly self-taught when it comes to strength training. The average gym-goer in my country thinks I'm mad to even squat and bench, so you can imagine how they react when I do cleans. My gym has no squat rack so I have to clean the weight I want to squat with.

Recently I took some boxing lessons and a few months of karate. Also hired a coach to teach me to swim. I have fantasies about someone opening a CrossFit type gym over here but that will probably take another ten years. Anyway, at the ripe old age of 28, I'm just about starting to feel like an athlete

Great thread!
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Thomas Bailly
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5 to 18years old :soccer
7 to present :running, all trails and mountains, no roads.
7 to 10 :judo
11 to 16 :BMX all day long, all of the time
teens,discovered skiing,heavy beer drinking and got into Muay Thai for a couple of years
20's to present : surfing and rockclimbing
past 15 years: backcountry skiing,mountain running, mountain biking and climbing are my mainstays.
2007:Gym Jones inspired me to work on my weakness' :strength+power hence CF and CA
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Andrew Ager
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I was a pretty non-athletic kid, aside from normal running about and playing. Hated kickball (picked last!), but rather enjoyed tetherball.

Started track as a thrower in 7th and 8th grade, then stopped. Started running cross-country as a sophomore in high school, and continued through college, adding steeplechase and javelin back in for outdoor track season. I sucked at all three events (although my final season of XC wound up being my best one, at least).

A knee injury my sophomore year of college dogged me for years after, and eventually I just canned the running. I started lifting weights, mainly free weights, with a buddy senior year, and got a little more into it in grad school, bulking up from 175 to 200 lbs on the "lift heavy and drink a lotta beer" plan. Also started riding a bike again more seriously (I had dabbled in cycling in HS).

Became a bike commuter, and hit the gym regularly while working, although I endlessly did progress-free machine routines.

On-and-off with the machines for years, then after another move, I did nothing regularly (occasional day or 5 of running, occasional short bike rides, hiking) for a few years. Now I work at a college, and I did a "core fitness" class for like a year, just because it was different from what I had been doing. Got bored, had one of the trainers devise a program for me. That was OK for a few months, but again, all machines, almost no progress. Casting about for something else to do last spring, I stumbled into reading about 5x5 programs, which led me to SS, which led me to stumble on Crossfit.

Did SS over the last summer through September, took October off (new baby), and started Crossfit 4 times a week after I got back to work the last week of October, through the last 2 weeks. Pure CF was pretty fun, but I missed doing the strength stuff a lot, and wanted to work on Oly lifts as well ... so I'm kicking off Gant's hybrid beginner template on Monday.

I'm really just interested in being reasonably strong and lean, with a longer-term goal of getting back to a bit of running as well (POSE-like to ease life for my knees). Kind of vague, but combining the fun(hellish) metcon pieces of CF with the fun(brutal) strength/power moves of SS and Oly lifting -- and the gymnastics pieces, which I'm really interested in as well -- has made going to the gym really, really fun again, which can't possibly hurt.
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Michael Drew
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Wethersfield, CT
Posts: 66

Soccer 7- 22

Golf 13 - 29 (Present)

Skiing 7 - 29 (Present)

Baseball 7 - 14

Corporate (Ski) Race Leagues 23 - Present

Golf Leagues 22 - Present

Bought my first home gym when I was 13 with my own money. Broke my back when I was 16 playing soccer.
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Craig Brown
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Scott at Level 4 in Seattle asked my this, and I told him that I played the bong and the Thin Lizzy when I was in school. True.

Totattly unathletic until about 30, then got into weight training, a brief bit of boxing, got injured, statred running, moved to the mountains, started long distance trail running (up to 30+ miles in the mountains), hurt my foot, started skateboarding in the lovely AZ skateparks, moved to Seattle, found CrossFit, kettlebells...recurring injuries have me knee-deep in Hatha Yoga and I keep at the lifting via the KBs, rings, sandbags, shot puts, and clubs.

Still don't play sports. Could conceivably do a GS comp someday, but that's about it.

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Matthieu Hertilus
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Just browsing around the forum and I saw this post. I think it should start gaining some steam again.

No sports in high school.
Cheerleader in college senior year.
Started lifting weights my freshman yr in college
Been focused on Olympic Weightlifting since February
170lbs BW: 405 deadlift, 405 back squat, 275 front squat, 225 clean & jerk, 155 snatch
[IBreak to Build[/I]
Twitter - MeAmStronger: Follow me/Contact me for all free training or nutrition advice
Published Work - TMuscle, EliteFTS
Trueprotein.com discount code: MUH937
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