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Steve Kaspar
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Default bulgarian training

has anyone ever tried training the way the bulgarians train? as an example, if your doing deadlifts, you would warm up with a few sets, then a set or two progressing in weight. then the actual workout... 2 or 3 Max SETS OF 1 REP. then 8 hours later in the day, do it again. do this 2 times a week for a few weeks then a recovery week.
in a nutshell, max out with singles instead of the traditional way of sets of 3's or
5's, doing this 2 or 3 times a day...
key they say is resting every 3rd week. as its very ez to peak out... and poop out.
i did this with regular pullups and i really works. do some warmups then a max set. i come home for lunch, and do it again. then in the evening do it again. so 3 max sets in 1 day.i do this on mondays and fridays. a few weeks on and 1 off week. i like it.
for dead lifts, i am going to do a good warm up, then a few sets then do 2-3-4 single reps. do this 2 days a week. i cant find the time to do it 2 or 3 times a day. and wekends i train on the bike..just looking for new ways to improve. over the years the bulgarians have always been the gold medal winners... ... they are always the ones being caught on drugs too.
anyone ever try this training style?
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Joe Hart
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Yeah, I would say there are few who use the Bulgarian method around here . Greg does an excellent job of programing Bulgarian cycles in his CA WOD. You should take it for a spin and see how it goes. I used it this summer and it ( to quote Greg) "took the starch our of my britches".

Merry Xmas
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Gavin Harrison
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The CA WOD includes strength ("normal"/"Russian") and Bulgarian cycles for weightlifting for olympic weightlifting. That said, Bulgarian training is not necessarily that great for everyone. Also, Bulgarians tend to win the lighter weight classes... if they're team doesn't pull out for failed drug tests.
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Matt Thomas
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And am I safe in assuming that when a member of another countries national weightlifting team "rests" they are afforded much more opportunity to rest and recover from such a session than the average person might be?
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