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Jeff Yan
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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Robb did an interview "series" (it was one interview split into I think 3 parts, maybe a couple minutes each) where he talked a little about IF and eating all one's blocks in the eating window.
Robb Wolf Interview, Pt. III

Thanks, Derek.

Pretty topical and interesting interview.
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Derek Weaver
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Don't mention it. Robb's got a lot of good stuff on that video section of the CF main site as well as on his blog that I think applies here.

One suggestion. If you do combine the approaches... why not prepare your meals several days in advance? That way you just pull a bag/bowl etc. out of the fridge and you're good to go.
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Jeff Yan
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Btw, I just read a few Robb Wolf P-Menu articles I got referred from Keith Wittenstein/CrossFit Virtuosity's "Dialing In Your Diet" Workshop (wfs).

Robb recommends Paleo/Zone, of course, along with "jazzing it up" with some IF.
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Patrick Yeung
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I wouldnt try all 3 at the same time right away as mentioned. Especially if youre not familar with any of them.

If youre having trouble eye balling food quantities and calorie profiles, I would suggest Zone first. The one thing I got from reading the zone book and trying it for a few weeks (it wasnt for me) I became really aware of how much a serving of one thing is versus another, and what kind of nutrition profile it had. And just use things youll want to eat for IF.

After youve gotten the hang of the lower calories and better food choices, id say experiement with IF and see how you like it.

Zone ratio for IF is crazy though, unless youre eating dates or something super carb dense because it just gets to be a lot of food in that short time.

Zone worked well for me, and many others over at CF. It was just too much work trying to eat 5 times a day with work/school.
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