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Tony Ferous
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Default Living in Singapore

Has anyone ever lived in Singapore? If Im moving shortly from Australia.
I heare the food thereis amazing, but i assume they are taking about eating out. I doubt the food will be as good as here or as cheap for a paleo eater...

I just bought 400g porterhouse steak, 300g frozen hi orac wild berries, broccoli, 400g tinned wild salmon and a bottle of pomwonderful(yeah i know its juice) and some prunes for about 17USD. Pretty good i think.

Man its gonna be humid...
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Jane Michel
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Hi Tony, I grew up in Singapore. Yes the food is amazing...... cusines from all over the world and at a good price too. I'm a paleo eater and find it easier in Singapore than Australia to eat out paleo because I can get smaller proportions of food at a cheaper price. At foodcourts I go for things like fish soup, roast chicken or pork or duck, pork bone soup, meat curries etc. Very easy. If you're feeling fancy Japanese cafes are easy to find and good sashimi is much cheaper than in Australia.

I don't think you need to bring over the steak, berries, broc, salmon, pom and prunes - can get all of that from the supermarket

The only things Australia have that I wish Singapore had more of are: free range and organic meat and eggs and artisan bread.
Robb Wolf: I'd throw my hat in with the bleached, de-nuded bagel. Live dangerously.
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