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Donald Lee
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Default Donald's Anabolic Solution Experiment

I am going to try out the Anabolic Solution until I have to go to OCS in late May. According to some calculations and according to what I ate yesterday on Fitday, I should be eating about 2500 calories or so to maintain my body weight at 140 lbs. As of this morning, according to my scale, I am at 17.3% body fat.

In the past, I've been on the Zone for about 2-3 months, GOMAD for about 2 weeks before getting injured, and Paleo for about 8 months or so. I've also been IFing since about May or June 2008. The least bodyfat % I've ever had, again according to my scale, has been about 11-12%. I did that once on the Zone + CrossFitting, coming down from 150 lbs from WS4SB to 134 lbs. Then, I did SS and went up to 143 lbs. After that I did the GGHybrid + IF + Paleo to cut down t o135 lbs and about 11-12% body fat again. The bodyfat shed off surprisingly quick. At the time, I was also doing something similar to the Anabolic Solution because whenever I'd go home on the weekends, my mom would carb load me. I then tried to bulk up and ended up at 145 lbs before injuring myself while squatting. This was in September of last year, so since then I've hovered between 140-145 lbs.

I feel that I'm fairly fat adapted already, so I'm going to go through the initial phase of the Anabolic Solution for only 5 days, instead of the suggested 12 days. Starting Monday, I will have to keep my carb < 30 g. I'm going to have to up my protein and fat to really high amounts to maintain the 2500+ calories I eat normally, during that week.

I am going to guess that I will be settling at about 50-60 g of carbs as my optimal amount per day. I plan on mass gaining to about 150 lbs on this diet, which means I'm going to have to up my protein and fat really high. I'm also doing Burgener's 10 x 3 Squat Program, so I can't afford to cut down while I'm on that. If I obtain 150 lbs fairly quickly, maybe I'll switch to maintenance or keep on mass gaining. Since my goal weight is 150 lbs, according to the Anabolic Solution, I should be eating 25 * 150 = 3750 calories. I feel that this is going to be extremely difficult with low carb. I'll probably supplement with protein shakes and eat a lot of nuts. Sadly, almonds are too high in carbs for me to be eating during the week.
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Donald Lee
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Join Date: Mar 2008
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Keeping the carbs below 30 g was harder than I thought it'd be. 3 slices of a pear already brought me up to 10 g, and half an avocado brought me up another 7 g.

In my first meal (post-workout), I ate a bunch of chicken to get my protein and some of my fat. I wanted to add in some pecans to get more of my fat, but I had already used up all my carbs. I had to resort to sipping 1 tbsp each of sesame oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil. This first meal added up to about 1300 calories. I supplemented with 1 serving of krill oil, digestive enzymes, and a plum concentrate.

My first meal was eaten around 1-2:30 pm. By the time I got off work at 6 pm to eat my second meal, my stomach was acting up from sipping on all the oils. I felt like crap, so I took another serving of krill oil. I then ended up half-napping for an hour because of the pain. After the nap, I began to feel better, so I proceeded to my second meal.

The second meal consisted of chicken, pork, and a little bit of kimchi. I supplemented with 2 more servings of krill oil, digestive enzymes, chlorella, and a plum concentrate.

I finished today with 2,487 calories, which may be just a little bit too low.
I feel okay now, but I don't see myself sticking with 30 g/day of carbs. I'm guessing that I will be going to up it to closer to 60-70 g after this week.
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