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Frank Needham
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Originally Posted by Sean Brannen View Post
Also, I'm currently taking classes so I can eventually get out of this job but it's gonna be a few years.
Thats what I like to hear. I've been at it seriously since 2001, after changing careers from the gaming industry to engineering. I'm so glad I made the decision. Its been tough, having a family, working and going to school part time taking distance engineering courses from University of North Dakota (PLUG!!). But, I no longer work for jackasses either Keep at it, you'll also be glad you did it as well.

I take my sig line seriously, sleep is pretty much everything in terms of well being.

One thing that I wanted to mention here about getting sleep is water. Seriously, it seems that this is almost never mentioned as an important factor in the discussions I see on the topic yet it is crucial. I would even go so far as to say that not getting enough water could be the chief reason many do not sleep well. I know this to be true in my case for sure. Many times, if I do not make an effort to drink enough during the day, my sleep suffers at night. Dehydration is the enemy of sleep.
"Lack of sleep makes cowards of us all."
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Robert Johnson
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Would becoming completely nocturnal help with the hormone issues?

Not really a suggestion, unless you adore Taxi Driver or nightclubs.
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