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Parth Shah
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Hey guys, first time to the forum,

Son - you seriously need to get a better sense of what this site is all about. Everything that's been posted so far, is right on the money, but I'm just getting a sense that you're confused. Here's what I'd do:

1 - Figure out your one true goal (fat loss, mass gain, strength, athletic fitness, general health/maintenance)
2 - Take the time out to research your goal. Read forums, buy a book, go to a seminar(if you can). These are just some suggestions, but really research before jumping right in. Or just try to find a trainer or friend who know's what he or she is doing.
3 - Stop following diets and learn to eat healthy, based on your instincts. I love IF, but honestly the best approach is to follow a few simple rules (eat real, whol food, stay away from fast food, drink water, etc.), and take it from there. Dieting becomes easier when you think of it as a long-term lifestyle change as opposed to something you need to do to get lean or get big. Make it permanent.

Hope this helps
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