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Old 02-21-2009, 11:23 AM   #21
Derek Simonds
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I read everything you post. Sometimes I do zone out on tea though....

Thats great about your training and the upcoming tournament. I was up in Toronto for a quick meeting a couple of weeks ago and plan on coming back probably in April. I will let you know when I am up there.

Your log is great.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Greg Davis
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Thx for reading Derek. Heh FYI I'm not actually brewing cups of tea all those times.. I brew some in a litre sized mason jar in the morning and then me and my gf drink watered down herbal tea throughout the day (yeah im the guy with the weird travel jar- its kind of fun seeing ppl's reaction).

Re; toronto definitely give me a heads up if youre back ill get you in at the gym for some training !
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Old 02-23-2009, 04:36 AM   #23
Greg Davis
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late night hockey

6:30 wakeup
managed to set alarm an hour later.. but had a horrible sleep last night, kept waking up and nose was stuffy all night.

7:00 breakfast
~5-6 dried prunes, small apple
2 eggs and half of a lamb sausage fried in 1 tbsp bacon grease
1 tsp fish oil + vit E&selenium + 2 dig enzymes

12:00pm lunch
.5lb sole fillet fried in ghee /w dried herbs, some mushroom
split half a bag of dulse flakes with gf, crisped in oven
half an avocado
2 NOW full spectrum minerals (picked this up recently, think i could use it every few days), 2 dig enzymes

at some point in the afternoon i had another runny bowel movement (last time was on tuesday).. same kind of thing- could feel it in my stomach and then shortly after had to go.. i think it was about an hour and a half after lunch which is similar to last time but i dunno why. best guess is its just this bug i have.

felt the sickest i have in a long time today (still not very symptomatic but definitely affected).

6:30pm dinner
the rest of the ribs reheated, prolly a bit less than last night
half of veggie fry- 2 onions, half zucchini, white mushrooms- in palm & olive oil
half a carrot raw
vit C + 3 dig enzymes

small serving kefir

11:00pm - 1:00pm
full on ice hockey
(rented the ice and had a bunch of old friends together for a game)

1:45pm PWO shake
half cup kefir, 25g PRO whey, 50g CHO dextrose, 1 tsp maca powder, 1 tsp creatine, coffee spices

late night for me but had a lot of fun.. was pumped for it after catching end of Leafs game (Mats Sundin scored in a shootout to beat his old team).

still thirsty before bed so i had downed some water and 2 probiotics.
in bed around 2:45am
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Greg Davis
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afternoon yoga

8:00am wakeup

feeling good, thought hockey was pushing it being sick and all but it was such a good time that im glad i played.

8:30am breakfast
1 small apple
2 blueberry paleo pancakes
1 tsp maple syrup
1 small serving kefir
2 espressos

~30 min errand walk

2:15pm lunch
more than half of a frittata which had:
1 lamb sausage
1 green onion
4-5 white mushrooms
6 eggs
1/2 zucchini
1/2 wheel of brie cheese
some herbs & sea salt
+ half a raw carrot
1 tbsp CLO + 3 dig enzymes

prolly a bit more food than i needed.. especially before going to yoga

"flow" yoga class /w gf

note to self: leave at least a few hours after a sizable meal before a yoga class.. it was good but so much better on an empty stomach.

7:00pm dinner
green curry chicken dish
(gf made it, not sure exactly what was in it)
ate around 1 large chicken breast in this coconut milk curry sauce
on top of steamed bok choy
1 tbsp fish oil + 3 dig enzymes

in bed ~10.30
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Old 02-24-2009, 03:55 AM   #25
Greg Davis
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fast until dinner, evening BJJ

5.30am wakeup
tried to fall back asleep after alarm but failed and got up anyway

still feeling effects of a cold but minor

7am espresso

~15 min walk each way to library

12pm supplements on empty stomach
mag + zinc + drop iodine, 2 probiotics

*have tried to get some probiotics in over last few days figuring it might help finish off this cold ive had and also last week on 2 occasions i had, to put it bluntly, "the runs".

2pm 30 min nap

5pm espresso

6-7pm BJJ
got some bridges in before class
worked mounted chokes, rolled with 2 guys who werent very good so i took it easy

8:15pm dinner
had about 3/4 of something resembling chili:
1 lb grassfed ground beef
1 lamb sausage
onion, 1.5 portabella mushroom, 1 carrot, 2 stalks celery, garlic
last bit of tomato sauce & added some water
2 tbsp fat from pastured pork rib dinner
lots of dried spices

drizzled some evo on my bowl, and had another half a carrot raw
+ 1 tbsp fish oil + 1 vit C + 3 dig enzymes

stretched and in bed reading

felt i didnt have enough time for my dinner to digest fully.. shouldve either had a bit less to eat or waited longer before bed. or it might be all the liquid in the meal?
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Greg Davis
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AM Weights + BJJ

5.30am wakeup

stomach feels kinda rocked from last nights dinner.. too much chili?

6.15am espresso

7.45-8 weights (quick)


a. back squat 8x125, 4x145, 2x185
b. single leg DB RDLs 10x10lb,6x20

c. incline press DB 10x20lb, 5x30lb
d. DB rows 10x25lb,5x35lb

quick set of cuban preses with 8lb DB

had to run up to class

thinking of switching to a squat variation.. i dont like how the grip on back squats strains

my shoulder and ive been reading that guys with long legs (i do) can have issues. front

squats maybe?

8-9am BJJ class
2 rolls, nothing crazy

serving of pineapple.. maybe 2 cups in big chunks
11.15am lunch
most of a large chicken breast fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil, onion, garlic, curry powder
evo drizzled on after
1 tbsp CLO + 2 b vitamins + 2 vit D + 2 dig enzymes

5pm snack
1 large handful almonds
3 prunes
1 small cube bakers chocolate

6.45pm dinner
<1lb grassfed sirloin steak
half head broccoli tossed in half butter half evo
1 tsp fish oil + 3 dig enzymes + 1 vit C

my dinner appetite wasnt too high.. not sure if my stomach was still rocked from that chili

or if im feeling my cold still. anyway it went down well: makes me want to have a simple

meal like that every night... cant beat a steak and veggies.

3 probiotics. in bed early ~9pm reading.
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Greg Davis
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hard BJJ training at noon

5:30am wakeup
had a good sleep, feeling pretty good, nose still slightly stuffed tho. stomach feels great i really think eating a clean dinner makes a huge differences for me.

gf and i started doing a quick 5 mins of yoga first thing in the morning. it was fun and good way to start the day.

6:30am breakfast
2 espresso
4 xl eggs fried in bacon fat
half a grapefruit, half an apple
1 tsp fish oil + 1 dig enzyme + 1 vit E&Selenium

1 more espresso!

12pm-2pm back-to-back sessions of BJJ class
totally intense.. we did mostly all"king of the mat" style drills after warmups BOTH classes, where 3 guys are in the middle starting in closed guard and whoever scores points stays in. rolling at end of each class. absolutely exhausting but i loved every minute of it. i was a machine in the 2nd class (for some reason i got all the rookies in a row) and was sweeping everyone by threatening the armbar and just hooking one leg to the sweep. great practice, my guard is getting really solid.

thinking rest day for tomorrow.

2:15pm PWO shake
25g PRO whey
50g CHO dextrose
1 tbsp maca powder
1/4 cup kefir
1 tsp creatine
1 tsp coffee spice

6:30pm dinner
rest of grassfed sirloin steak ~10oz
3 small links of conventional beef sausage
onion & portobella mushroom fried in butter
some romaine lettuce topped /w evo
small bowl of broccoli & fennel soup

i was so hungry for dinner that it went down exceptionally well. no bloated feeling that i sometimes get. i felt like i could have eaten more but i stopped myself and think i need to do that more often and focus on quality digestion. btw im done with trying to squeeze in more meals than i have time for. thinking of "eating windows" for a while made me rush my meals but im really moving towards 5-6 hours between feedings so that im really hungry for each one. better digestion, feel more productive/energized. if i lose a few pounds so be it but i have a hunch that enjoying each meal to the fullest will give better results anyway. i think a few days a week not eating in the AM and the odd day where all i have is dinner takes care of the beneficial IF. at least thats all that would be wise to work in with so much training in my schedule.

in bed ~10.30
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Greg Davis
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AM fast, rest day

5:30am wakeup
feeling tired.. not surprisingly as i think i needed a few more hours sleep. sore too from yesterdays workout but not in an acute way. nice shiner on my left eye yikes.

no sign of that awful cold that hung around for too long. felt it was gone yesterday but had woken up stuffed up a bit. none of that today. good riddens. figure a break from training today is called for as yesterday was real intense. hopefully i can train hit weights and train tomorrow.

5 mins of yoga

6:30am - 7:30am
2 espressos


10am d/m + bridges
1 min each:
front plank
side planks
ham bridge
wall squat
wall handstand hold (30s)

11am lunch
1 can herring + 1 can sardines
small romaine, carrot, celery salad /w 2 tbsp olive oil & lemon juice
half a sweet potato /w 1 tbsp butter
2 dig enzymes + 1 tbsp CLO + b vitamins

felt like i overdid the lunch a bit.. maybe a bit less fat next time for lunch.

4pm snack
handful of almonds
half square bakers chocolate
3-4 pieces of cheese

6pm dinner
2 beef tenderloin steaks (~2/3 lb)
half a chicken breast
both fried in coconut/olive oil
lots of chinese spinach with an onion, garlic, oyster mushroom mix fried in butter+garlic

really big dinner but I felt up for it..

in bed ~10pm
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Greg Davis
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Weights @ 11.30am followed by hour of BJJ, break fast at 2pm

5:30am wakeup, 5mins of yoga

6am espresso

9am mag + zinc

10.15am espresso

11.40am-12pm weights

12pm-1pm BJJ

BLUE BELT! Totally unexpected belt promotion. Awesome. This has been my goal for over a

year now (took 5 months off in between). Feels good. And get this: Xande Ribeiro just

happened to be visiting this weekend and was at the class for the belt presentation.

Quickly realized that this means I move in to the blue belt division for April 4th

tournament.. thats alright I'm up for a bigger challenge.

2pm lunch

125g leftover chicken breast

half cucumber

100g sweet potato
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp CLO

measured my lunch just to keep an eye on how much im eating for lunch. sometimes I think I

overeat at these meals which crashes me out or takes away from my dinner appetite so I'm

thinking around ~45g PRO, ~30g CHO, 50g FAT is plenty. I'd be interested to know what other

people consider reasonable for lunch meals that is substantial yet keeps them working during

the day.

6:30pm dinner
weird thing happened.. was supposed to have this dish with ground beef i made.. but we could

taste something weird in it.. suspect it was machine oil from the butchers machine that

ground the meat. gross but were pretty sure thats what happened.

anyway couldnt eat that so just had a small piece of chicken and half an avocado.

then went to a restaurant and split a "peruvian plate" appetizer (veggies & boiled egg with

a rich cream & asiago sauce) and then i ordered a mixed grill plate which had a piece of

sausage, chicken, beef, & lamb served with salad and a rich creamy dressing. gf had half

order of mussells and clams. we sort of shared the whole thing. very filling all up.

home around 9pm.. in bed ~10pm
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Greg Davis
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indoor climbing, 3 meals..

6:30am wakeup

7:30am breakfast
small piece ~50g leftover chicken
half grapefruit
few big slices of a (paleo) pumpkin cake gf made

11am espresso

1pm-3pm indoor climbing with friend
hit 4-5 routes.. and a few boulder problems
its been a long time since last climbing session but i was totally feeling it. almost

flashed a 5.11-, shouldve had it!

after this we were at gf's sisters house to stay the night and look after her young kids so

im making do cooking at someone elses house

5pm lunch
can of sockeye salmon mixed with regular mayonnaise (yeah, soybean oil)
some sweet potato fries ~150g
some butter and evo in there

8pm dinner.. kids finally in bed
lots of a pastured pork butt roast.. guess > 1lb
broccolli /w lots of butter

in bed ~10pm
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