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Daniel Mays
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Default New Sport- Olympic Lifting

My final season of contact hockey is coming to a close. At first I was disappointed that I wouldn't have an outlet for my "rage," but after doing Crossfit for awhile I have found a new sport, Olympic Lifting! So that worked out well. Posting log over here as I think it is a bit more in line with the goals of this website.

Goals for completion by the end of 2009:
120 KG Clean and Jerk
Learn how to actually Snatch

Current, February 8th 2009- Body Weight 75 kg
91 kg Clean
80 kg Jerk(haven't done this since doing Starting Strenght)
155 # Press
315 # LB Backsquat- Going to start learning the High Bar
245# Front Squat
365# deadlift

The Template- Although I like to Olympic lift, I also like generally being in good shape, so I am going to keep 2-3 workout of the days a week from my affiliate in my training (none over 20 minutes, but not all under 10). I am 22 get good rest and nutrition so I believe that this shouldn't be too much for me to handle. I am doing this to eventually work into the Catalyst Athletics work outs of the day, but I think I can get some strength and technique linear progression due to me being a novice.

Strength Outline:

HB Back squat 3X3
Press 3X3
Weighted Chinups (spring break is coming up soon )

Clean and Jerk- 2 or 3 Heavy singles or 2 sets of heavy doubles
Front Squat - 3X3
Workout of the Day

Snatch Practice
Incline Press 3X3
Weighted Pullups/ Pullups max
Snatch Grip Deadlift or Deadlift 2X3
Workout of the day

Snatch Technique work
Clean and Jerk go for PR

Workout of the Day

I will probably try 3 weeks of this, with a 4th week of half intensity. I will attempt to get new PR's on core lifts(FS, BS, DL) every time and on the C+J on Saturday. I think I can do this for maybe a month or two with success, and by then move to the CA workout. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

Sunday 2/08/2009

Front Squat


Weighted Chinup

Beatup after tackle football Friday and Hockey on Saturday, but feeling good about new journey into strength!
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Derek Weaver
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Looks good. Beware of those longer metcons though. 20 minute efforts are good for sustained power, but not necessarily good for max power output.

Welcome to the forum!
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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Daniel Mays
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Although not in chronological order, I'd like to post this Workout so I have record of it when I look back on this log

Krispy Kreme Challenge

2 mile run
12 dough nuts eaten
2 mile run home
Official time- 43:22

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Daniel Mays
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 77


Clean and Jerk
60 kg x 2
70 kg x1
85 kg x 1 PR on the jerk!
95 kg x 2, Fail on both Jerks, cleans very powerful and good! Practice Jerks and I'll be fine, basically was push pressing. 2nd Jerk was locked out and lost it as I tried to recover from the split. Need to just brush up on these.

Front Squat
Rushed due to 5:00 WOD starting
111x2(thought this was 232(105), but actually 244#) Still getting used to the kilograms. Still, happy with this progress.

Notes- Front squat need to differentiate from Low Bar back squat. I drive with hips, need to drive up with heels and chest up, anyone have any advice this is greatly appreciated!!! Jerk, just gotta get the motor pathway back down and get aggressive jumping under that weight. Have 100 KG on clean easily next time up, might have had it tonight, things going well.

Added in about 700 cals of peanut butter in along with 8 carb blocks post work out. Going to eat pretty big and clean on work out days, and about 20 blocks with some extra fat on rest days.


4 rounds

15 95# sumo high pulls
10 tire jumps 26"
400 m run

11:44. Done IMMEDIATELY after my last set of front squats so it wasn't my best effort, but I was out of breath, and it was still a pretty fast time for the affiliate(not the fastest). I'm ok with met-con suffering a little bit when coming directly after lifts. Next time will try to finish with about 10 min before class so my muscles can rest up a little bit between efforts. Great day today!
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Daniel Mays
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 77


350x3* PR

Couldn't get to a bar for overhead press, so going to do
3X5 Handstand Pushups later tonight

Weighted Pullups
40# 3X3

Tabata Row- 8 intervals, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
961 m overall
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Aimee Anaya Everett
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AS Derick said, 20 minute metcons will be too long after strength work. Try to keep them under 10 minutes. Also, if strength gain is what you are after why not start the CA WOD or Mike's gym WOD? These programs are designed to get stronger.

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Daniel Mays
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I appreciate your concern. I am kind of in a unique situation where I can't always get out to my affiliate due to projects and Homeworks from college. I don't have access to bumper plates aside from the affiliate and can't mentally use proper form when I am afraid of dropping the metal plates in my university gym.

This little schedule I set up allows me to be flexible and use the university gym for some workouts. I realize that I am not smarter than the people at CA and Mike's Gym, but I do believe that I can eke out some linear progress on my lifts for about 4-6 weeks. After that I am definitely planning on hitting up the CA workout of the day. If after a couple weeks I am just bombing out and not progressing on lifts and overall strength I will admit my folly, get serious about access to my bumper plates, and pickup the CA workout of the day immediately.

Thanks for the response

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Daniel Mays
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 77


Club Ice Hockey Game- NC State University

NC State Vs. UNC-Charlotte

Loss- 5-8

Last regular season game of my career. Our team had some coaching and personality problems so we didn't make the playoffs. Scored a goal on a breakaway while simultaneously having my stick slashed in half, was a fun way to end the regular season. This is what the training was all about. My breakaway goal was definitely made possible by Crossfit and my increased strength as I dusted everyone to a loose puck and took it straight to the net. I also played half the game and kept up the most intensity on the team. Two Assists one goal and 4 or 5 big hits, a good finish.

Exhibition game Today at 4:30, we play those dirty scoundrels from UNC-Chapel Hill. Should be a good game and hopefully I can finish off my last game with a couple more hits and goals.

The training works very well! Happy training and remember to use it for something fun now and then!

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Daniel Mays
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Daniel Mays
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 77


Workout at affiliate today was cleans and front squats so I decided to head out there for my Tuesday workout today. Also picked up a pair of Do-Win lifting shoes from one of the guys, had to get used to them, but they definitely work better than chucks.

201x1-Power clean
222x1 *Pr 13 lbs/6 kg*

132x6- form work

need to work on hitting full extension. Just saw the video of Mr. Burgener (hope thats spelled right ) telling everyone to be patient and hit that full extension. Both times I did not get under the bar quite right, had to really muscle out the squat on the clean that I made.

Full hip extension, practice full extension on lower weights and also dropping under on lower weights.

Front Squat
231x3* PR for 3 reps

Legs tired after the cleans a bit, hit a PR. Hit PR's every workout on FS and Cleans for last 3 weeks. Going to take 4th week down a notch and work on form next week then do another one three week cycle of PR's again.

Borrowed from one CA short workout I did and really liked, modified a little

200m row
10 80# kb swings
300m row
15 80# kb swings
400m row
5 burpees

~5 minutes

KB swings to head or a little higher, but not the full swings due to heavier weight. Got the heart pumping good.

PWO Meal

1/2 lb 73/27 burger meat(I think you get bonus calories for less money!)
6 slices of bacon
2 bananas
1 cup grapes
1 green apple

Ketchup and mustard on the bacon and burger meat to make it almost like a thickburger except better , Next time I'll throw an onion in there and really won't know what to do with myself.

Love being back on my diet. Any suggestions and comments appreciated!

Train hard and have fun!!!
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