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David Wallach
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We recently bought 3 pairs of each size of the PB bells and it IS the same bell as the AKC, we got in with the cheap shipping, too, so it was quite a deal. I have used AKC for about a year and a half and notice no difference other than the painted horn. Have yet to strip those babies, but as far as high rep GS styled work and having a progression of weights that remain constant in size and handle diameter, these are the best money/quality we have seen yet.

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Yes, the AKC, Perform Better, and the MuscleDriverUSA competition bells are all made by the same manufacturer out of the same molds.

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Neal Winkler
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Catherine, if you are still lurking here, send me an email - nealwinkler@gmail.com

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a kettlebell seminar in Belleville, IL.
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Catherine Imes
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Sure Neil that would be cool. I'll shoot you an email. Thanks!
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Mark Joseph Limbaga
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Pro grade or competition kettlebell works best for me
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