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Ari Zablozki
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Default shoulder pain during jerks?

I have been training the olifts for about 6 weeks now.
When I press I have no pain in my shoulders at all.
When I jerk I get what feels like tightness and pulling pain in the top part of my delts.
My coach and I can't really figure out why.
any ideas?

thanks alot,
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Jacob Rowell
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I second this. Happens to me during jerks also (but more often than not with power jerks)
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Steven Low
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Summary (of my posts):
Usually overdeveloped anterior shoulder and RC. Strengthen posterior shoulder, scap retraction and external rotators...

Avoid pain, ice after any use. Massage, tennis ball, anti-inflammatories, etc.
Posts NOT intended as professional medical, training or nutrition advice.
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Leo Soubbotine
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I'd like to see your overhead position and video of the jerk.

There's a few things that I've done before with our folks to improve their jerks: one arm heavy overhead walks, handstand push-ups, adjusting grip width on the jerk itself etc.
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