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sarena kopciel
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Default Cooked vs Raw

OK so I am noticing something all winter and was wondering....I see I am much more aft to eat my veggies (mostly greens in general) cooked as opposed to salads in the cold weather. I understand the logic beyond what my body desires but wonder if this could be problematic at all.

Summertime, I really dont want much in the way of cooked stuff, rather light and raw...

THoughts? Oh and I mean I eat lots of greens, spinach, bok choy, kale, collards...etc
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Patrick Yeung
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It would really depend on the cooking method, and the vegetable.

I know what you mean about perfering cooked vegetables in winter though. Its cold, and the vegetables in season arent of the salad type.

The longer you cook vegetables, the less nutritious (in general) it will be. But, of course there are vegetables, like tomatos, that have different nutrients avaliable when you cook them that would not be avaliable when they are raw.

Might be thinking too much about it though. Just keep eating vegetables, you cant really go wrong.
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