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Robb Wolf
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Glen Cordoza (one of NorCal's athletes) just won his MMA fight in Louisiana. We followed much the same template we outlined in the Fight Prep guide I wrote for the PM with the main changes being olympic lifts for the base strength work and the removal of the SDLHP from Fight Gone Bad, now substituting a 95# hang power clean (calling this one "Fight Gone Better".

FGB was used once per week as a non-sport conditioning session and as a diagnostic. Glen did very little "Crossfit" type training during the last 8 weeks of training as fight pre (time indexed for a 3 round, 5 min/round fight) took up the bulk of his time. Interestingly he managed to score over 400 on FGB on this schedule.

He has another fight in a month. One week of lite recovery work, then ramping back up for the next go-around. His off season is shifted to maintenance work for fighting, heavy duty crossfit. It works great for his mental state and keeps him constantly challenged.

I really like the work GSP's guy is doing...great stuff there. New coaches really need to keep an eye on recovery and what the weaknesses are in their athletes. "More Work" is not a smart way to tackle that issue!
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Anton Emery
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I'd be interested in hearing how you programmed Glenn's O-lifting work, whenever you have a minute. I would like to incorporate O-lifting into my own programming, but only really have 3 days to train outside of BJJ. Alot of the O-lifting templates i find, even for other sport athletes, involve more days of lifting. You mentioned using a similar scheme from Fight Prep, so something like 3-5 sets of 2-3 reps of a lower body movement, snatch or clean, and an overhead movement?

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Joe Hart
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Right at the moment I am using Coach Rut's grapplers ME from PM44. It seems to be working well. I have been making some good progress on the OLY lifts. I have not been able to get as much BJJ in as I would like so it could be too much (family obligations).
There are a few college wrestling teams that have posted some of thier S&C. Weslyan and S. Carolina (wolfpack) come to mind. I had a chance to talk to the U of MN S&C coach for the wrestling team. It was interesting. He liked CLNs, dips and pull ups in particular. I will have to look at my notes for the rest. I asked him about strength standards and he didn't think much of it other than he wants to see the wrestlers making progress from a baseline. I didn't think to ask if that was testing in the beginning of the preseason or what.

I will be interested to see any other ideas that show up.
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