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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Originally Posted by glennpendlay View Post
Not sure if hes tall, but im fat, and think that the whole concept of "relative strength" is an evil conspiracy.
Agreed. It's a conspiracy. "King Kong" would be soooo easy if it weren't for those damn muscle ups.

All the best,
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Mike ODonnell
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They make bar stools for all sizes and a beer is only a few lbs....that's enough relative strength.
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Gavin Harrison
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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Who cares?

Both are impressive.

You won't really find any biases against one or the other here.... although most people have their preferences on which one they like better.
I think they're both impressive, and I like both.. I just will never be considered "strong" by any standard unless I'm pretty heavy, because I'm 6' tall, and have long legs in particular, so hoping to be "relatively strong" is pretty much right out for me.
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Your absolutely, and completely correct. That and other workouts would be a joke, if you just took out that pesky move your own bodyweight crap. Why do I need to move my own bodyweight in a workout? I move it everyday, walking from place to place. My truck moves my bodyweight just fine from place to place, or even city to city. Planes move my bodyweight from country to country. Why should I have to do it? Just seems ineffecient. I want to move weight, weight other than my own fat ass.

and Brian,

What you do is incred. absolutely. Thats the sort of stuff I like to watch on TV. People doing stuff I could never do. Gymnastics and guys running the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds captivates me. All the respect in the world to you.

But, in the end, it makes me happy to go to bed knowiing I can curl, press, and throw for a long distance, a weight that is heavier than you!!!

Love ya Brian, honestly. I could never do what you do... all the better reason for me to devalue it...

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