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Garrett Smith
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Nothing substitutes for rest. Sorry. Other things, even recovery modalities, have to be weighed against pure rest.
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Gant Grimes
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Originally Posted by Matthieu Hertilus View Post
I understand the danger in 'overtraining,' spending too much time in the gym, and the importance of rest, but I don't think it's [I]that[I] big an issue for someone who is highly motivated and who's goals go beyond simply just being strong or big for no other reason than that. I also believe that cryotherapy, soft tissue work, stretching and nutrition play a big role in recovery, which I also take seriously, other than just resting (anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong).

That being said, what are people's opinions on using the prowler or sled dragging for a recovery workout? I've been doing the CA WODs {just finished the strength cycle, on week 1 of the bulgarian cycle) w/o the metcon and I feel this could be very beneficial.

I'm always open for discussion on these types of topics as my main purpose from joining this forum was to become more knowledgable about the science of athletic performance.
If you're at the point where you need to train six days a week to improve, then you wouldn't need to ask this question.

Motivation and goals have nothing to do with it. Everyone believes they are different and somehow exempt from these rules. Maybe you are. Fine.

Sled dragging is nice for recovery because there is no eccentric loading. The prowler is a different animal. But there is a difference between recovery and rest. Know which is which.
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Dave Van Skike
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trying the sled or prowler is a good idea,

I really like the sled.

you can certainly practice your sport 6-7 days a week but it takes an extreme amount of discipline and self knowledge to do it sustainably. more than i have by a long shot.

i have never been let down when I've

stuck to the plan,
been ruthlessly devoted to the goal
focused on doing a few things well.
eliminated everthing else.
Practical Strength
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