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Darryl Shaw
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Default "Fat may reduce allergic reactions."

Fat may reduce allergic reactions.

Fatty foods may play a role in reducing allergic symptoms, a study by Edinburgh scientists has shown.

Edinburgh University experts believe dietary saturated fat may weaken the responses of the body to allergens. However, while a high fat diet may lessen the severity of allergic reactions it may also compromise the body's immune system.

Published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy, the study looked at a high fat diet on non-obese mice. Those on a high fat diet had reduced allergic symptoms, with a marked decrease in certain cells responsible for the allergic response - eosinophils - in the lungs.

Dr Annick de Vries, a leader of the study, said: "If people eat a high fat diet prior to becoming obese it may well be that they have fewer allergy symptoms, but this could also be indicative of an immune system that is not working properly and more research is needed.
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Mike ODonnell
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"If people eat a high fat diet prior to becoming obese it may well be that they have fewer allergy symptoms, but this could also be indicative of an immune system that is not working properly and more research is needed.
call me when they actually aren't guessing at the relationship between allergic responses and immune system....as that sounds like a load of vegan anti-meat/saturated fat crap. By that logic, people who need to live in a bubble or need allergy medicines daily to function have the strongest immune system around.
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Garrett Smith
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A case history from https://www.bodybio.com/BodyBio/docs...n-Kirunal.pdf:
Annette was determined that she would not follow in her family’s footsteps in regards to her health. To hold off aging and ill health she used 10 capsules daily of fish oil, restricted all meat, eggs and dairy in her diet and limited her intake of all oil except olive oil that she used in her salad and to cook with.

After two years of high fish oil intake, Annette noticed that she was developing eczema. Her allergies got much worse and she felt tired all the time. Her moodiness was irritating to others but worst of all she had developed severe difficulties with her ability to think and perform at work. Annette visited a physician specializing in fatty acid therapy and longevity who tested her red cell lipids and found them to be alarmingly unbalanced. Her omega 3 EPA was 1500% high while her omega 6 Arachidonic Acid was 156 % low and her omega 6 Gamma Linolenic Acid was 94% low. Her doctor explained the importance of balance of her fatty acids and set up a targeted nutritional protocol for her. After two weeks of getting on the correct balance of fatty acids Annette felt much better. Her eczema started to clear, her mood stabilized, her energy and alertness returned and she found her work performance normalized. After 6 months of re-balancing Annette’s physician allowed her to begin fi sh oil with one capsule of Kirunal daily along with wild salmon and sardines, evening primrose, 4:1 omega 6 to omega 3 balanced oil, and eggs / butter in her diet.
Fatty acid balance is the most important thing. Today's diets are incredible at screwing that up. I think it's a great thing that these can now be tested for in the red blood cell membranes.
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