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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
if that means starting an event having eaten a pack of slimjims, a hostess fruit pie and a Milwaukee's Best, so be it. The key to life is loose tolerances.
pretty much sums up an adventure race I did many years ago in south...south...rural Georgia....except I believe it was moon-pies and PBR.....we came in 2nd.....ahead of the guys with matching jerseys and cases of powerbars.
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Patrick Yeung
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When youve got to measure each and every ounce, and get the ratios and forumlas just right, youve lost touch of reality...

Im pretty flexible with my diet and training, so when I feel down, or want to have that peice of cake, I go for it. Gotta have some fun too.

I used to go on my long backpacking trips, stuffing cream pies into every open space they could fit. Everyone else had power bars and nut mixes, man were they jealous by day 3.
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