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Rene Renteria
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Robb, would you mind listing who it is or was that you were referring folks to in the SF Bay Area for ART?

Eva, where are you? Mind putting the name of the clinic or doc where you are getting your treatment? Might be nice to have a thread that holds the info. (Are you the EC in the videos over at CF? If so, that's damn strong work!)

I've been thinking about ART for a while. I've had trouble with pulling or straining my hamstrings playing soccer for a long time. Turned out that CrossFit helped a bunch, but then I did it again. I really have to be on top of my fitness and rest to go out and play hard. I'm almost 40, so I can't imagine it's going to get any easier. I'm very tight all over, poor posture, inconsistent in my training, so it's difficult to decide what to do first. Well, maybe second; first should be training consistency (including working out, nutrition, and rest/recovery).

Nice to hear some first-hand experience with ART, Ron. Thanks for any other info!
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Eva Claire Synkowski
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im in boston, and going to the soft tissue diagnostic and treatment center.


im no expert - but sounds like youre a good ART candidate. you must have a good amount of scar tissue from the soccer injuries, and the poor posture isnt helping anything. ive been able to continue training with ART, although there is some picking and choosing of what exercises im doing.
maybe you could shift some focus towards mobility stuff and really working form and ROM.

you know, ive made some progress in tightness with joint mobility drills, and short/frequent stretching throughout the day. however, yesterday was the first time i really could do an overhead squat with a dumbbell (armed directly overhead, break parallel, lordotic arch, and no torque in the movement). im guessing it's not a coincidence that i started ART a couple weeks ago.

im not sure what your health insurance deal will be - but mine covers 12 sessions a year, and they are costing only $15 a session. so, i think its a steal.

and thanks! yeah, im ec.
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Pierre Auge
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