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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
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Default Rafes Structured Parkour and AGT Log

This log is here to show my attempt to organize a goal oriented and focused combined conditioning and Parkour training program for myself.

Background info:

Height 6^2
Weight 210
Age: 27

I have been training Parkour for 4 years
Methode Naturelle/Movnat 2 years
Crossfit off and on over the last 2.5 years
Prior to Parkour
Rec gymnastics 6 years(I was terrible except at tumbling)
Various martial arts Aprox 5 years(1.5 of meaningfull BJJ and kickboxing)
I have done an]additional 2 years of gymnastics and 1.5 years of BJJ and Muay Thai since I began Parkour training.

More background: Feel free to this part if you just interested in my current program

I originally started crossfitting 2.5 years ago after two months I was worn out injured and had made minimal gains. I stopped and started experimenting with MN instead and was able to make significantly better gains. I was still interested in Crossfit and attributed my lack of success to much met con and to little strength in the programing at the affiliated I trained at. A year later a new affiliate opened in my area(bellingham wa) and approached me about doing some Parkour and MN training with them I ended up working for them and doing some Crossfit work outs in addition to my MN training and then coaching some Crossfit classes as well. I began a new Parkour program for the Pacific Northwest Parkour association out of Northwest crossfit in august of last year and ended up doing some of their Crossfit classes as well then moving down here completely in january.

Since I was teaching for Crossfit I decided to use the winter to experiment with Crossfit programing more extensively again I was curious to compare results using linear strength training and timed met cons vs free training in nature and I needed to prepare to go to Cert I also had allot more competition in seattle. When I had choosen to do the occasional Wod in bellingham I always high boarded when I came down to seattle my best times were not even close to the guys high boarding here so competition sucked me in a little to. My thought was that while I felt that MN was rooted in superior logic there was not the same volume of data on how to train with it and to compare your training to so there was allot I could learn from experimenting with Crossfit. However I was put off by a emphasis on long met cons and lack of strength training at Northwest Crossfit and was worried about the fatigue of doing them affecting my parkour practice so I decided to model my program more on Gants heavy hybrid with linear strength, short heavy met cons and 6 round Tabatas. In order to optimize recover to focus on parkour I did just three conditioning days a week. Since starting that program I brought my deadlift up from 385 to 425, my back squat from 275 to 308 and dropped by grace time to 2:34 from 5:15. However I decided I wanted to try to get a more ambitious conditioning program going to try to increase my progression and be able to absorb a little bit more work over the course of week. I stumbled on Brandon Otto's AGT and it seemed like a great way to organize my training that still focused on my primary skill goals in parkour.

Current program

My current program is intended to last 8 weeks and started on April first I mean to follow It by a week taper off and then a sampler filming week.
I am using Brandon Otto's AGT
program as an outline, with the skill module being filled with parkour training. I have tried to organize my parkour training as clearly as my conditioning program as well. I have divided into three separate training focuses.
Technique focus Which are days were I pick a given technique or family of techniques and work on increasing my capacity within that skill.
Flow focus which are days were I work on developing Rhythm, Cadence and preservation of momentum over a series of obstacles. Goal is to complete aroute with no hesitation stutter steps or messy techniques 10 times in a row then begin timing self over route and trying to improve time.
Stamina Focus which are days were I work on developing the ability to do continuous Parkour courses at high speed and over long distances either by doing one long run or intervals over short routes.
In order to keep a narrow enough focus and make clear goals I chose to focus on three main skill families to work on, running long jumps, Cat leaps, and wall passes.
Starting the program my personal bests were

Deadlift 425 x 1
Squat 305 x 3
Overhead press 145 x 1
Grace 2:34
Fran 4:45
Karen: 5:14
and Helen 10:00(this one was awhile ago)
32 inch vertical
Standing long jump 9^6
Running long jump 17
40 yard dash 4.9 seconds(2 years ago)
Weighted pull up and Dip 90 pounds
At my peak in gymnastics I could do layouts backwards and front handspring front full forwards.

Program Outline

Parkour Skillday: Sprints: Strength Training: – Squat 3 x 5, bench press 2x5, 1x5 weighted dip pull up 2 x 5, row 2x 5 weighted pull up, deadlift 1 x 5 back lever front lever progressions, handstands. Stretch:
Tuesday: Parkour flow day or Gymnastics skill day: Power training: Muscle up and Snatch and supplementary power training: Conditioning: Stretch:
Wednesday: Sprints: Strength: Front squat 3x5, overhead press 3x5, deadlift 1x5, max pull ups and dips. Stretch:
Thursday: Rest: Stretch:
Friday: Parkour Skill/or Flow day: Power and Gymnastics: L-hold v-hold, handstand, Clean and Jerk. Conditioning: Stretch:
Saturday: Stamina Training
Sunday: Rest

Goals for this Cycle:
Deadlift 470, Squat 385, Overhead press 160, Bench press 225
Power: Clean and Jerk 260, Snatch 190, Box jump 50 inches, standing long jump 10 feet, running long jump 19.
Speed: 4.7 40, 55.00 400
Met Con Grace 1:55, Fran 3:55, Helen 7:30

Parkour Goals
: Skills goals, Chemistry wall pass 13^4 inches, Gasworks long jump 14 feet 5x5, Freeway park Cat not sure how long but long and scary. Flow goals, Master Gasworks perimeter route, time Gasworks kash to tac route then improve time, hit Mowgli tree route 10 times in a row then time, develop route to focus on at free way park master and then time, improve time on Whatcom falls windfall route(was 27.8 seconds) time canyon routes improve time.

Gymnastics goals
: Total comfort with Gainer, front flip step out, Side flip, and two step wall flip and ability to throw them of height(except wall flip). Straight back lever 10 seconds, level l-hold 20 seconds, straddle front lever momentary hold, tuck planche level hips and shoulders 5 seconds, freestanding handstand 20 seconds.

The goals are set very high and injuries poor recovery or extraneous conditions might slow me down but the goal is by aiming high but realistic to make real gains.

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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

Here are my Log entries for this training cycle so far. Lots of PRs a few set backs and back of days.

Parkour flow training in the trees exploring woodland parkour, mowgli route 10 times in a row.
5 x 40 yards 3 in sand barefoot 2 on track self timed 5.01, and 4.82
Squat 1 x 5, 225, 1x5 275, 1x 5 308, 1x3 330pr
Bench press, 1 x 5 135, 1x5 176, 1x 5 187
Pull up 2 x 5 dead hang 5 kip with 20 pound vest
Barbell row 2 x 5 with 135
Parkour tree training
Hang Power Snatch 150
500 meter row 1:29
5 back tucks, front lever and back lever, and l-hold and tuck planche 20 seconds
Handstand 1 minute
5 x 40 meter sprint
Front squat 225 x 3 185 x 5 185 x 5
Press 128 x 3, 118 x 5 118 x 5, split jerk 176 x 1 hold 20 seconds slow negative.
Deadlift 373 x 5
Parkour Skill Day Running jump focus:
Gasworks running rail precision 10 times 3 in a row 7 feet long. Wall combination Gap 5, 5 and 9 feet 10 times various methods, pipe to wall gap 5 times 10.5 feet. Block to block gap 10 feet from one step 5 times. Stair to wall gap 12 feet long, 5 times.
Clean, 5x 88 pounds, 3x 132, 3x 176, 1x198, 1x210, 1x220, 1x232, 3 fails at 242 psychological, I was able to get the bar chest high.
Rack jerk 88x2 push jerk 2x split left, 2x split right, 132 6x alternating, 176x 1 198 x 1. 210 x 1. Stopped due to sore shoulders. Box jump 47 inches
4/5/09 Rock climbing 12:30-3:00
Free routes, VB, V0, V1’s made some strides saw my weakness, need to improve hand strength, need to improved technique.
Parkour 2 hours at Whatcom falls skill focus wall pass ten attempts at tree wall pass 12.6 feet high caught once almost caught 3 times. First time every for the catch I was super stocked 2 years I have worked on that catch. Timed routes through gorge rocks, and windfall tree’s, gorge routes 15.10 from rocks to sand, and 15.37 going back. Windfall route 21.28 7 second PR!
Weightlifting. Squat 5x135, 5x225, 3x325, 3x345, floor press 3x3x3 186 pounds, weighted ring dips 1x5 plus 20 pounds, Deadlift 1x3 385 came up super easy could have hit 5 or more I am sure stopped at 3 for recovery
Parkour Whatcom falls, barefoot creek jumps, rock climbing, cat leaping routes by the highest falls, routes here and there. Sudden elbow pain after a muscle up shooting down from shoulder. Stopped quickly there after.
Oly lifting 3x5 Hang power clean with 155, skipped jerks gymnastics skills and conditioning due to shoulder/elbow.
Sprints: Warm up and 3 times 50 yard uphill barefoot sprints on turf. 2 x downhill sprints 40 yards concrete in shoes.
Weight lifting: Front squat ramp up to 3 reps at 232, handstand practice, handstand against wall one minute. Light pull ups with band to get blood into tweaked shoulder and elbow.

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Liam Dougherty Springer
Senior Member
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I am excited to see your progression welcome to the PM Logs!

Man that high volume work, mucle up and snatch on one day would kill my elbows and am I reading it right that you are doing 5 heavy single DL twice in one week as well as a seprate day for each O-lift? I have got a way to go before I will be adopting this sort of a routine however it is a very atractive set of activities you have laid out. I am doing something similar on a reserved scale right now LDS CA WOD LOG which I need to change the name of as I am not planning on following the CA WOD for a while, this summer I will be doing more broad spectrum work.

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Chris H Laing
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Looks like you have a great program to follow. I love the way you made parkour quantifiable by having the 3 different skills sets.

Hope it works out well for you.
My Log
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Brandon Oto
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
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Very neat Rafe. I've been having much fun with a general use of the AGT model with a heavy gymnastics focus as well.

Nobody mentioned that killer 500m time, nice work.
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

Thanks for the welcome guys, BTW I edited my log so all the figures are in pounds as it was bit confusing the way it was written out.

Liam maybe your right I did have an really quick elbow flair up doing muscle ups on tuesday even before that I had been substituting clean variations for my snatchs here and there because my shoulder doesn't feel a 100 percent I tore my right shoulder cuff twice(jujitsu and skiing) and notice a visible difference in activation in the catch of my snatch unless I am very concious of what I am doing. I want to use the exercise as it is fun and super powerful but I may have to settle for using it as an assistance or warm up exercise as opposed to trying to use it as center peice of my programming at least until my shoulder is behaving better.

I am doing deadlift sets of five or 3 right now not singles and only doing the one set of them per strength workout so far my recovery has been acceptable.

Thanks Brandon I'll have to look through you log and see what your up too. I seem to be built to row that was only my second attempt at a 500 for time. My technique still feels like it could improve and my stamina improved substantial just between the first to trys so I think I can sustain my pace even longer with a bit more practice.
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Liam Dougherty Springer
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Join Date: May 2008
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I figured out about the DL protocol when I actually read your log entry post, interesting and sensible. I also saw the elbo issue and thought about what I had posted. As far as the Snatch and Muscle up situation why don't you alternate intensity in each exercise every week it would suck to give up the feeling of a heavy snatch. If you priority is with the gymnastics then snatch heavy every third week. (shrug)
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Brian Stone
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I'm interested to see how this program goes. Very cool to see a program that incorporates a heavier lean toward Parkour/MovNat. I'm anxious to see how well this meshes with "normal" CF programming and your relative rate of progress.
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Derek Weaver
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Really cool stuff Rafe. Looks like I've got another log to pay attention to and learn from.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

Rest got a flue elbow was achey training motivation was just gone which happens rarely enough to me that I listened to it.
Time to get moving again still low energy and fuzzy headed 2 hours light parkour training in playground, lots of gaps and precisions jumps a little bit of climb up training till I felt satisfied but before I started feeling beat up by. Want to go in and do my squats dead and bench but I have photo shoot tomorrow so I am going to rest. Drives me crazy though why does life have complicate my training plans!

Liam priority is the muscle up because climbing strength is a big weakness for me in parkour hip power and explosiveness much less son.

Brian and Derek thanks for the complements I look forward to any feedback people have on how I am going about things.
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