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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
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Cold is still linger, hamstrings and lower back felt fried from the kb snatches all day. I even made up a haiku about the pain
So dead my legs are
Hamstrings by kettlebells slain
I canít write haikus

Parkour 30 minutes had only a short time to train due to business stuff. Worked two tree routes warmed up with slow movement through tree branches on a big cedar tree with bowl of large limbs coming out form the trunk. I followed that with a route pop vaulting up into the tree circling the bowl and dropping back to the ground. After 5 times through that I moved on to beautiful cherry tree, the route there was a pop reverse up into the nook of the tree precision out to a limb precision up to higher limb and then back down, the one on the way down for some reason is quite intimidating it took me quite a few times to start getting it without reaching to out to steady myself on another limb, I did it today 4 out of 5 times without a steady very satisfying.
I finished with big 12 plus foot wall pass with my legs and my focus seemingly not all there it took me 10 tries to catch it and then I had to go. Still was happy because I felt like I become conscious of quite a few little errors in my run up that can be ironed out and should improve my performance.

Sprints I jamed my toe at whatcom on monday and the wall passes didn't help the situation so I did 5 100 meter rowing sprints instead of running, averaged about 17 seconds per hundred about or about 1:25 500 split.

Strength Training
FS: 132 1x5, 176 1x5, 210 1x5(PR)
Muscle Up: 5 times self assist, 1x1 MU no kip failed on a second attempt. That was the First time I have hit the static muscle up since a had case of Rhabdo due to pull ups in january so that was a nice mile stone.
Ring Strength: kip MU up 20 second l hold, 20 second tuck planche(laughable form), press shoulder stand, 5 dips, straddle back lever, tuck front lever. 2 sets through failed on the shoulder stand on the second set.
Bench Press: 135 1x5, 176 1x5 198 1x2
One arm on leg corner bar deadlift: 1x5 per leg with 90 pounds
Lateral corner bar deadlift to press: 1x10 per side with 90 pounds.
One arm deadlift: 1x5 per side with 132

Still feeling a little wiped out form the sickness and hard training on monday, decided to mess around with variation of the deadlift that I have been wanting to play to give my CNS a rest. My BP was crap, total crap, I was hoping to hit 210 for 5 today but my strength just wasn't there I think it is combination of the rings work before hand and the fatigue from the pull ups in my conditioning the day before.

I have been happy with my training on this program so far due to all the PRs but I think its not quite optimal yet, my parkour goals have not been as emphasized as I would like, I hit one new big goal in the big tree pass but otherwise have only even spent two session working towards my specific skill goals. The specific sessions I need to put into to achieve my goals have hit the back burner due to fatigue, injury or other circumstances.

The goal was to get myself to a GPP level that I felt was high enough to justify a completely parkour focused program this summer with everything else on maintenance but I still want to be making steady progress on my parkour goals, my gymnastics strength elements have also not got the time they deserve. Its hard to juggle it all, not sure what to do accept slower gains in everything else and keep pursuing these weight training prs until that well dries up or prioritize the other elements more right now and accepting slower progress in the weight training. As much as I enjoy the weight training and going in an putting up the occasional nice time on the conditioning those aren't my sports not my passion I wonder if I am getting distracted because progress is just a bit easier to come by a little easier to measure in the weight training.

I tend to want to jump between protocols to much and always want to be experimenting so its important to follow through with this but the question is how to tweak it to make sure I am progressing evenly across the whole range of my goals.

Anyones thoughts welcome.
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

I have decided to tweak my program just a little bit I think a month of trying this is sufficient data to go with in order to tweak it just slightly to suit my goals better.

I am switching from 3-1-2-1 to 2-1-2-2 with my Strength and conditioning in order to maximize recovery and be able to give my energy to my parkour practice. I am going delete my second oly lifting and conditioning day and try make up the conditioning by actually getting that stamina parkour training day in. Will due some light oly drills on my second strength day as well to maintain the skill development.

New Program will look like this

Monday Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Parkour Skill Flow Rest Skill Stamina Flow Rest
Sprints Clean and Jerk Sprints MetCon
Strength training Metcon Strength Optional

Today I and tomorrow I am taking as extra rest days because I have a possible audition on sunday I need to be fresh for.
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148


2 hour rehearsal, vaults, underbars, flips
10 minute warm up
90 second performance

Knee a bit achey because due to time crunch I had to go cold for both rehearsal and performance. Performance went well though we will see on the results.
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Liam Dougherty Springer
Senior Member
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Increasing the recovery I see...... makes since to me. I always want to take on more than I can handle learning restraint has been my most difficult lesson.
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Derek Weaver
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This log is awesome Rafe. I really like what you've got set up. Impressive amount of volume that you're accumulating and still recovering from what it seems.

And it looks like you have a lot of fun too. What training should be.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

Yeah that restraint thing is easier said then done prior to the start of this program I was doing 3 days a week of conditioning on top of parkour just because when I tried more I kept overreaching. This is my attempt to build myself up into a more ambitious program. The big key for me has been to realize that I have control my training today to make sure I can hit the mark tomorrow. If get to excited and play all day then I have to pay for it by not training for awhile. Anways on to the log.

Good Day of training got back on my PR streak on the lifts and had a great acro training session.

Strength Training
Ring Complex: Muscle up, L 20 seconds, tuck 20 seconds, 5 dips straddle back lever, tuck front lever, flyaway x2 skipped the dips the second time to tired. Back lever is regressing have some pain in my elbows due to the hyperextension need to back off a little.
Handstand push up: 1x1 static 1x5 kipping
Back Squat: bar x 10, 135 x 5, 220 x 5, 276 x 3, 308 x 3, 345 x 5(PR BABY!)
Deadlift: 400x5 PR!
Overhead Press: 110 x 10, 125 x 5(PR)
Weighted Pull up: 40x5, 20x5x2

Acro: 1.5 hours, supposed to do parkour but my toe injury was aggravated from yesterday and none of my skill goals seemed like good training options so headed out the gymnastics gym to work on my acro goals. Took time for real extensive warm up quadrupedal movement stretching for feet ankles and hips.
Handstand holds: 2x10 seconds happy with that
Trampoline standing Gainer Back flips: 10
Been wanting be able to do these of things but never been quite able to overcome the fear of hucking myself forward into them I would be able to do it occasional but never consistently enough to move on to doing them off of things. Today I was able to finally get the mechanics write and travel forward consistently while also getting into a good tuck. Hopefully next week I will start using them of things
Floor Standing back tuck: 5
worked on setting into these really quick and violently felt very explosive.
Front flip spring Board: 3 standard punch front, 3 russian lift, 3 split foot take off
Front flip off 4 inch matt: 10 times split foot front, want to get this down as I feel punch front takeoffs are to harsh on my legs outside, landed these considently but a little low travel a lot on these and its difficult to get into truly tight tuck feel really cool though want to see if I can do them easier with russian lift.
Aerial Side flip right side: 10 times off 4 inch matt.
Want to get this outside pronto, felt good but I am still having difficult co-ordinating the push of with the front leg with the back leg kick. Traveling allot on this, I want to keep my torso straight just for aesthetics but have tendency to tuck which really changes the skill improved on that.
Aeriel Side flip left: 5 into pit
Tend to want to turn this into a front flip but if I can get this consident it will work with my dominant side cartwheel making a cartwheel side much easier.
Gainer: on the ground 10, of 4 inch matt 3
Have big fear of using this off of things the 4 inch matt isn't much to step up to but it is start for getting over the fear.
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

Slept poorly last night 7.5 hours woke up 5 times during the night. Felt very sore primarily in my spinal erectors TFL and hip flexors. Saw a rolfer second in the rolfing series feet felt very interesting aftward, the work on my popiliteus and gastroc was incredible painfull among the worst things I have ever experienced probably good for me though. Appetite has been weird having trouble eating protien just want fruits and vegetables untill all of sudden I am starving sometime mid afternoon and end up eating starches because its what is available got to get back into a better pattern.

Flow 45 minutes:
Various routes in one of the green lake trees, dashes, off foot vaults, turns, one foot kongs, kashes, kong to precisions etc it is a good tree. No one to time me. Had to warm up for long time to get fully ready to go, then felt very good untill went to a second try at which point I bonked hard, lay down for 10 minute nap and still didn't have it so I made myself do the mowgli route once and then called it a day.

Clean and Jerk
88x10, 132x5, 156x3, 176x1, 198x1(no jerk) everthing felt easy till I hit 198, jumped under that one felt harsh on my elbows decided that I wasn't going to hit a PR and probably would just beat myself up if I pushed further so called it day on that.

155 HPC 10 reps
500 meter row
2 rounds

Despite being really tired it felt great to do a met con but I kind feel i stunk it up 1:50 splits on the rows, had to break the second set of HPCs at 5. Not quite the sprint I should have be capable of.

All in all ok day, wondering with the weights getting heavier if my recovery will allow me to hit PR'S multiple days in a row. Might get pretty hard to try and hit a PR clean the day after going to PR in dead and squat. Going to see how next week goes then reassess.
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148


Woke up early to drive down to Olympia to train with Dane and Tyson at the olympia capitol campus one of Dane and I's all time favorite places tyson's first time there.
Getting up relatively early was a little taxing on my energy level and I still had some DOMS from monday. Still had very good day of training overall though chose not to tackle some really big stuff.


Skill Focus training and exploratory training: Cat leaps, Wall passes, various jumps, Tic Tacs a few routes.
Started at the water garden fountain a small almost forgotten Lawrence halprin fountain like a baby of freeway park this area is awesome incredible dense with cats, jumps, and tic tacs.
Big accomplishment of the day: 4 perfect top outs
For some reason I have really struggled to get good symmetrical one step top outs with no hucking an elbow up or having to struggle through the transition and dip up, today for the first time I was able to pull straight from the bottom to support with no push through the transition crazy happy with that.
Skill focus: Cat Leaps
5 x 9 foot cat over water gap
5 x 10 foot cat, ground level
3 x 12 foot cat, water gap
2 x 9 foot cat 8 feet up.
All distances approximate
Today was my first chance to put in the good skill day with cats I have been meaning to do. So I took advantage after a good warm up with 20 squats and push ups and a bunch of quadrupedal. Had to overcome minor mental barriers over each cat despite all being in my range. Very good training for getting more comfortable and consistent with my cats.
Single technique of note:
Collarbone height Rail kong
Sternum height 2 foot wide wall kong and kash
Tic Tac, Cat, step turn across gap to side flip.
Tyson came up with this and threw it super smooth with real nice straight up and down side flip.
I was able to do it but cause I side flip on the opposite side I had to add an extra foot placement on the wall which slowed it down just a bit my side flip was also more of double leg have to work on it more.
Double tic tac to Cat
This was crazy we spent ages there trying and failing to get it finally we had to move on so I said three more times, Tyson hit in on his last attempt it was crazy. Need to go back and get that.
Wall pass, Wall pass.
First wall was 11.5 or so with ledge 9 feet in you could pull off of, second wall was 14.5 feet or so with ledge 11.5 feet high to grab and then climb up from.
Went real fast over the first struggled a bit with second had tyson chase me improved technique of last climb up considerably.
4. Turn vault turn gap jump(6 feet)
Sound easy but it was 25 feet of the ground which was a nice mental hurdle to get over.
Tweaked my ankle twice on tic tacs, then gassed hard at the end of the day, bailed two dashes and kong called it day except wanted to try one big wall pass 12.5-13 feet I sucked. I actually got fingers to the lip which was as high as dane or tyson but I just didn't feel like i had any explosion and my run up felt terrible worse I couldn't figure out where it was sucking fatigue eats my brain.

Weight training/Conditioning
After coming back from olympia had an interveiw for local public radio which ran late so missed my scheduled weights and sprints(legs were to baked to sprint anyways. Did what I Could after classes wanted to get through it fast and didn't feel like I could handle truly heavy weights so used the elements I would have for my strenght as heavy metcon.
Round 1
Deadlift 275 5 reps, backsquat 225 5 reps, bench press 176 5 reps
Rounds 2 & 3
Power clean 176 5 reps, BS 225 5 reps, dip five reps.
Time 4:40
Weighted Pull up: 70lb 2 reps
Dead hang: 5 reps
Kipping: 5 reps(had more here but my grip got f'ed and my shoulder started protesting
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148


Parkour: Skill and Flow Greenlake Trees
More training with Dane and Tyson, this time around the tree's at greenlake supposed to be relaxed day of training cause we were all beat up from thursday and the rest of the weeks training. Thing Is I am pretty sure Dane doesn't know the meaning of light training.

Warm up: Run to bowl tree from house 300 meters. Stretch out, squats, push ups. Bowl tree route 10 times.

1. Tic to Branch Precision Bowl Tree 10 times 25 fails, best was three in a row.
This is the same branch and take off as the pop vault I have talked about struggling with being able to get both feet up on. Well today Dane immediately decided we should try to do it without bothering with the hands at all crazy Dane . Surprisingly this helped us focus on the Tac better and we were immediately get a ton of height we all almost got it on our first try, and our second and continued almost getting it another 20 times or so. Finally Tyson got it then Dane then I.

2. Pop vault over branch 5 times
Same branch went to my hands between two branches vault throw very smooth feeling very cool to progress from not being able to pop onto the branch to being able to go all the way over. I came up with this one Tyson picked it up first try Dane took three tries.

2. Tree branch under bar 3 times
Standing on branch 6 feet up jump 6 feet across over a branch 8 feet high grab a branch 2 feet above that underbar through. Scary, fun not as difficult as you as the intiall impression. Tyson's challenge everybody got it first try

Combo:Tic to pop up vault over branch side vault along branch underbar.
Coming from the other side of the tree. Tyson's Challenge

Next area, henceforth to be known as the crazy tic trees.

1. Standing cat 8.5 feet to tree feet on truck hands on a branch 5
2. 8.5 foot precision 1.5 foot rise back 5
Doesn't sound to bad but this is freakin weird precision you have to stand in the crick of a tree between a limb and the trunk and its seeminly impossible to find a comfortable position to jump from either you to far back and have swing through and can't keep your footing or you feet like you about to fall forward plus there is nasty spike right next to your hip you have avoid. My shoes were gripping better so it was easy for me. I hit it every time took tyson about 5 tries Danes feet were slipping to much.
3. Tic tac to precision 10 times bunch of fails.
From the lower branch of the precision to the higher branch, multiple challenging things about this, can't see your landing when from the take off, weird angle, have to hit the side of the branch not the top or your foot can slip and twist your ankle.
4. Double Kong over two tree branches maybe two feet apart, 8 inch rise top portion was maybe 3.5 feet high. Not to challenging physically but a good place to grove a skill that I still have a descent amount of fear of.

1. Kong vault, two step punch kong precision, cat leap. 10 times approx
experimented with safety through the first tree too but decided it didn't flow as well for me. First kong is maybe 4.5 feet high enough to be challenging.

2. Run up tree two steps turn jump to underbar through next branch 3 times.
Hard to give this one justice just a weird and very explosive series of movements. First step was on fairly level bend in the tree then the tree starts going up at 60 degree angle or so and the second step is 3 feet higher on knot sticking out run and jump powerfully and accurately enough and you can spin on that knob and jump into underbar between two branches 3 feet away.

Dane came up with this and hit it first Tyson got it not to to long after I came over at that point and wasn't even close at first, slowly got closer and closer, had realize it wasn't a tic tac so much as literally running up the branch and I had to go as fast as I could out of three step run up. Typical Dane challenge.

3. Jump of tree branch diagonal along limb catch branch and underbar through gap. 3 times

More Dane challenges again I was stumped at first took 5 tries to start getting it another 4 or so before I got it right, required a huge push of and perfect controll of the direction in order to catch and swing your legs through.

Awesome training Day all of us had our moments but Dane threw Down some huge and difficult challenges for Tyson and I on our home turf stuff, we're going to need to work on, perfect big power and at the same time co-ordination moves. Huge fun.

Still need to get some Stamina parkour sessions in felt too beat up yesterday and thought I did today before we got all excited doing power stuff. Will rest tomorrow maybe skip parkour on monday then try to hit stamina next time I go out.
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Rafe Kelley
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 148

Weird day, woke up with lot of energy for writing which is rare worked on various projects for 6 hours, energy crashed, bought groceries, took a nap, still not allot energy went to workout anyways.

Skill Work
Ten Handstand holds best was ten seconds feeling much more consistent in my ability to hold the handstand
Black lever straddled: 5 seconds x1
20 degree above horizontal (would have done more but elbows didn't like it)
Front Lever Tucked: 3x10 second hold
First one was legit open tuck and started working on extending one leg a bit next two were harder.

Strength Training
Squat: 132 x 5, 220x3, 276x1, 308x1, 355x1, 335x2.5
This sucked, just didn't have it was supposed to hit 5 reps at 355, first one was little slow coming out of the whole but felt fine, ended up front loaded on the second and had to dump it. My head just wasn't in it. Went down to 335 to get five in and struggled slow on the first two couldn't get all the way in the whole on the next one. My Squat has barely moved over the last month I have strong days and week days I think my linear progression is over.
Power clean, 132x5, 176x5 2 fails
This was just weird two failures at 176 that is over 50 pounds under my max. I used that weight for metcon last week. Bizarre.
Pull ups: Deadhang 1x15(PR tie very happy to be back there), plus 40 deadhang 1x5, plus 20 5 deadhang 10 kipping.
Overhead Press: 1x5 132 PR, handstand push up 2x5 hit the first two on each round then had to kip.

We will see how I do on thursday then reexamine my program from there.
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