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Dave Van Skike
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Patterns emerge.....

Program ADD=Fail

Anyone can see the trees, go to the space between them

Anyone thinks they can attack a big weight, go after the biggest one you know you can get first.

Everyone wants to be able to do everything, success comes when you do one thing and then you do the next thing.

Keep it going...
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Darryl Shaw
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Last year about a week before my 40th birthday I set a new 1RM for weighted pull-ups of 37kg at 57kgBW so the following workout I decided to try for a new PB with 1 arm pull-ups. I flew up for the first rep, the second was almost as quick but the third rep resulted in an audible snap in my elbow which had me rolling on the floor swearing for a good ten minutes.

A year later and my elbow still hurts but as I'm just about back up to my 1RM for weighted pull-ups I'm going to try for 41kg before my 41st birthday only this time if I make it I'm going to take a week or two off from any pulling exercises until I'm sure everythings recovered.

Lesson learned: no matter how strong you feel ligaments and tendons need some rest after they've been stretched to the limit.
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Alan O'Donnell
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This thread is gonna be fantastic. I'm fairly new to lifting heavy things, so it's great get all this advice at the beginning.

In my limited experience, I'd say I fall in the "program ADD" camp. Lately I've gotten much more focused and it's helped a ton - I'm expecting to make very significant progress by the end of the summer. I'm also impatient (hah yeah) - I tend to do a bit too much per workout which has led to a lot of minor, nagging injuries.

Darryl, at what point in your weighted pullup training were you able to do a 1-arm chin? I always assumed you'd need to be pretty close to 2xBW - is it just a different kind of skill?
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Steven Low
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Darryl, at what point in your weighted pullup training were you able to do a 1-arm chin? I always assumed you'd need to be pretty close to 2xBW - is it just a different kind of skill?
From my experience, if you can do +80-90% bodyweight pull/chin you probably have enough strength to do OAC/OAP with a bit of practice. There is some technique to it as well.... check out beastskills.com for the explanation.
Posts NOT intended as professional medical, training or nutrition advice.
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Grissim Connery
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1. I was at a Robert Drysdale seminar and afterwards when we were all rolling, i tried to do a negative pass on him. it didnt' work...

i learned that robert drysdale is really good, and i'm not.

2. one time when i tried to play a fancy half guard against a tough mma guy, i got bloodied up pretty bad.

i learned that not everything you do in grappling you can get away with in a real fight.

3. back when i played lacrosse, i used to try to pull dodges against my dog. i would over exaggerate my cradling, and twice i hit myself in the face with my own stick. one of these times i chipped my tooth.

i learned that your dog will never judge you for looking like an idiot. dogs are the best.

4. this one's pretty self explanatory. if you think a guy knows a lot of judo, don't ber stubborn. just pull guard. also, learning to breakfall well is important.

5. i think we all have our own story with this one, and probably several at that. when the skin on your hand rips/pops off, the workout is over. that is, unless you're only within 20 pullups of being done...
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Darryl Shaw
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Originally Posted by Alan O'Donnell View Post
Darryl, at what point in your weighted pullup training were you able to do a 1-arm chin? I always assumed you'd need to be pretty close to 2xBW - is it just a different kind of skill?
Steven's the one to ask really as he's the expert on this kind of stuff.

In my case I was able to do 1-arm chin-ups long before I ever attempted any kind of weighted chin-ups or pull-ups. I think I was probably about 10 or 11 the first time anyone commented on me doing them but I can't remember a time when I couldn't do them. It's just one of those things, I'm small (5'6.5'') and light (125 lbs) and I spent most of my childhood climbing things and generally scaring the cr*p out of my parents by swinging around high up in trees or on anything else that looked like it might be fun to climb so the pulling strength just developed naturally while I was having fun.

Looking back I guess I did a lot of asymmetric pulling and there would have been a lot of straight arm work while I was swinging around or just hanging off things one handed, which used to really freak out my mother , plus the amount of time I spent climbing things meant I was doing gtg pretty much all the time so that might be a good way to start developing strength. I don't know if that helps any though so if you're looking for an actual training program you should probably do like steven said and go to beastskills.com.
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Derek Simonds
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We were doing a crossfit total at Leo's place and I moved the bar lower on my back then I had been training with and when I got to my second or third warmup I pushed my hips back and my lower back just started screaming. I finished the rep and then walked around talking to myself for a good 10 minutes until Leo yelled at me that I was getting cold and needed to lift again. I did manage a PR but paid for it for the next two weeks.

Lesson learned much like any other sports don't make adjustments during the game. Do what you practiced and nothing else! That pretty much applies to every single thing I do now.

Grissim I agree with everything you said especially after training Judo with Gant and his teammates the other evening. Thankfully I was in Akido for many years and am really comfortable breakfalling.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Gant Grimes
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Rule of the woods: plan your hunt and hunt your plan.

My best judo lesson is don't try to fight your way out of a bad grip. It's 90/10 for a reason. I've taken a lot of falls trying to get out of a 10.
"It should be more like birthday party than physics class." | Log | 70's Big
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Mike ODonnell
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Some other great fails.....mostly neglecting warmup and ROM training/focus.....

#1) showed up for a hockey game late...skipped any type of warmup...just went into the game.....at some point was skating.....got tripped over the goalie....scored....landed all wrong on my leg under me....felt something *pop* on my right rear glut/hip.....crawled off ice.....couldn't sleep without waking up in pain for days.

#2) No warmup, went for a trail run.....sprinted some hills....then felt my left calf seize going up one hill......then limped 2 miles up and down trails back to the car.

all injuries that I can feel to this day (as it has been years) and a great permanent reminder of why I need to warmup...and why I need to do Yoga.
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Adolfo Riveron
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Took a week off. Came back and hit PR's the first day.

I decide to play basketball and kill my ankle. Rolled it awfully. I cant walk on it,
......so much for my snatch and clean and jerk goals. Now for the sedentary life

I should stay away from sports
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