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Tirzah Harper
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Default Diet & effect on blood sugar swings

Here's my observations:

I have eaten a standard "healthy American diet" (low meat, whole-grain carbs, full-fat dairy, fruits & veggies, dessert several times a week) for most of my life. I never had any problems with it and have always felt pretty healthy.

Last year I kicked my diet up towards Paleo and eliminated most gluten for a while. I cut out a lot of other grains and starches at the same time. Again, no problems and I felt pretty healthy. Cutting out gluten also eliminated the cold urticaria that had been plaguing me for a while.

This lasted for a few months before cooking two meals at a time (one for me, one for the family) got old and I lapsed back to lower meat, a lot more grains, gradually re-introducing gluten (the cold urticaria has come back, but very, very mildly).

I'm still IF'ing; I do that pretty naturally...hold off on breakfast until I'm hungry a few times a week. It's nice and random.

The new development I have noticed is this:

By the time dinner rolls around, my blood sugar is at rock bottom. My mood is terrible. Once I eat, I'm great again. I also notice the low-blood-sugar feelings if I eat a very low-carb meal. Last week it was bad enough that I made myself a glass of chocolate milk just to get rid of the Low Blood Sugar Bitch.

I'm wondering why these blood sugar swings are so pronounced after I ate paleo for a while when I never noticed them before. I'm also wondering if this is good or bad or what it might indicate.

I'm willing to clean up my diet again if I need to, but as I mentioned above, it's hard to cook two meals at a time. My husband doesn't feel healthy when he eats a lot of meat. Plus there's the effect of family-sized portions of meat on the grocery bill.

Any thoughts/observations/ideas?
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Greg Battaglia
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Just based on what you said I would say that your combining of IF with high-carb is what's causing the low blood sugar. If you must go with a higher carb intake (especially from grains sources) I would make meals more frequent. You really have two options here, from my experience at least:

1. Stay high carb and eat more frequently and you MIGHT start to feel better


2. Go back to a lower-carb paleo diet and you can IF regularly without any problems.

When you burn fat as your regular fuel source the body has no problem with fasting.

When you burn sugar as your main fuel source your body must first tap out it's glycogen reserves when IFing before even touching fat stores, hence the low blood sugar.

Hope this helps.
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Garrett Smith
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Read this, see how it fits your situation and symptoms:

More grains only causes more and larger problems.

If you want me to PM you the adrenal fatigue questionnaire, let me know.
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Mike ODonnell
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High carb diets and lowered protein is not what your body wants to run on....and it's trying to tell you that now. You know the right answer....now just make it happen.
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