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Jane Michel
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Default Weston Price and other interesting books online

Just wanted to share with you all this website: http://journeytoforever.org/farm_library.html (WFS)

It publishes many useful books for free and three that I'm reading so far are:

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, 1939, Paul B. Hoeber, Inc, New York, London
Weston Price (1870-1948) was truly "the Charles Darwin of nutrition". He discovered what health is made of, and proved it beyond any doubt. In the early 1930s Price travelled more than 100,000 miles to study the diets and health of isolated primitive peoples all over the world, at a time when such communities still existed -- people "who were living in accordance with the tradition of their race and as little affected as might be possible by the influence of the white man". What he found makes fascinating reading, turning many of our modern ideas on their heads -- far from living lives that were "nasty, brutish and short", these people were healthy, vigorous and happy, with few or none of the modern diseases of degeneration. Then Price compared these communities to other, less isolated groups of the same peoples, exposed to the "trade foods" produced by industrial society (processed foods grown by synthetic farming methods), in the shape of the "white man's store". He found it takes only one generation of eating industrialized food to destroy health and immunity. But he leaves us with the promise of regeneration -- thwarted health can be recaptured. Full text online. See Journey to Forever's review of this extraordinary book, plus links to further reviews and resources.

The Wheel of Health by G.T. Wrench, Daniel, 1938
Dr. Wrench's classic exploration of the Hunza, a mountain people renowned for their longevity and vigor. By approaching the problem of disease from the angle of a study of a perfectly healthy people, Wrench shows that health depends on environmental wholeness, of which a whole diet is the vital factor, and that a whole diet means not only the right sorts of foods, but their right cultivation as well. An examination of the agricultural technique of the most successful cultivators of East and West shows what an essential part of the wheel of health -- from man to soil, from soil to plant, from plant to man -- is the farmer's renewal and protection of the soil. Full text online. Scanned by Steve Solomon of the Soil and Health Library.

Nutrition and Health, by Sir Robert McCarrison -- McCarrison's Cantor Lectures, to the Royal Society of Arts in 1936, Faber and Faber, London, 1953. After joining the Indian Medical Service in 1901 Robert McCarrison spent his early years in the Northern Frontier region investigating the legendary Hunza tribe, mountain people who lived to a vigorous old age and never got sick. He discovered why, and proved it in a series of experiments at the Nutrition Research Laboratories at Coonoor in India. It was the food they ate -- and, just as important, not just what food, but how it was grown. Unless it was grown in fertile soil, it was not health-giving food. Most doctors study disease; McCarrison had the rare opportunity to study health instead, as well as the lack of health among other races in the southern part of India subsisting on a poor diet. His findings put the fledgling science of nutrition on a whole new footing. McCarrison's Cantor Lectures describe his experiments as Director of Nutrition Research in India, the results, and the implications for health and nutrition. With photographs. Full text online at the Small Farms Library.
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Kelly Frankson
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Very Cool Alicia, thanks for the link!
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Blair Lowe
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thanks for the url, i'll read them this week.
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