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Chris Robinson
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Default Rubber mats

I'll be moving out of my apartment soon to a location that has either a garage or basement, so I've been picking up equipment with which to outfit said garage/basement as I come across good deals. In terms of flooring, I currently have two 4'x6'x3/4" stall mats and will be getting two more (69 1/2"x31 1/2"x3/4") next week. I also have the opportunity to get some 1/2" rubber mats and scrap pieces for about .40/sq. ft. One mat is 82" long x 31" wide and the other is 7' long x 59 1/2" wide. I'm told the scrap pieces are about 7' long and anywhere from a few inches to 2-3' wide.

My question is: are the 1/2" mats and scraps worth purchasing? I know I could use the 1/2" for plyo box toppers, but beyond that, would they be sufficient for flooring if need be?

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Garrett Smith
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Ken at CF Southwest uses 1/2" rubber flooring for his entire gym.
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