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Grissim Connery
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i think aaron raised the most important issue in this debacle.

yeah i considered the issue of getting it down before. the extra rope idea is pretty cool. i could actually just wrap it around the same object the rope is connected to to keep it out of the way. then i could just unwrap it at the end to take it down. that of course means that if i put rope climbing in a metcon, i would have to climb the rope again just to get the string unwrapped. i also considered some monkey stuff:

i could climb to the top,
sit on the object,
unlatch the rope from the loop,
drape the rope over both side of the object so that the midpoint was on the object,
suspend from the object
figure 4 my legs around the object
get a good grip on both sides of the rope
let go of the figure 4
shimmy down
drop the last little distance at the bottom

i don't know if this would actually work, but it sounds really fun so i would prob try it even if i added a second rope. maybe it won't work at all. i figure my attempts at riggin this up will be at a pullup bar to get practice and find the best method.

what i just went completely batman and used a grappling hook at the end?
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