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Old 02-20-2010, 07:13 PM   #131
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

Snatch: 3x45, 2x55, 3x1x63
Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x72, 3x1x85

Garage Ink Invitational
Snatch Attempts: 83 - 85 - 90
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 112 - 117 - 117
Total: 197


1 - Probably my worst meet yet. Oh well, also first meet in almost 5 months. Warm up round for the Arnold Classic in two weeks.

2 - Snatches: 83 was just a little forward but light; nailed 85 easy; cut my pull at 90. Not generally too upset about snatches, all easily recognizable and fixable mistakes.

3 - C+J's: 112 was a passable clean followed by an easy jerk; clarked 117, then squished by 117. Need to figure out how to keep my back tight and my chest up so that I'm solid in the receiving position.

4 - Also my first time ever trying to cut weight. Weighed 89.6 about 2.5 weeks ago, weighed in at 84.8 today. Interesting experience.
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Old 02-25-2010, 08:07 AM   #132
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

I recently got a new phone, which means that I'll be actually able to video record my lifts now. Starting with yesterday's snatch session, I'm going to start recording my work sets on the competition lifts and keeping them up on a youtube channel for ~2 weeks. PR's will stay up longer.


Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x75, 2x90, 2x100, 1x100(f2), (2+1(f2))x100
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x115, 3x120, 3x125, 3x130, 3x137, 140(f)
Push Ups: 4x10x25
Leg Raises: 4x25


1 - Cleans are still really crappy. Missed the last jerk because I caught the clean soft and forward and was burned out by the time I stood up.

2 - 2kg PR triple on FS.

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 70, 2x75, 1x75(f2), 2x75
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x110, 3x125, 3x5x145, 2x3x125(pause)
Push Press: 5x50, 3x70, 4x3x75
Snatch Balance+OHS: 70(f), (1+3)x50, 2x(1+3)x70, (1+2(f3))x70


1 - Snatches felt better than cleans do, but that's normal. Still slightly weird. Missed one in front.

2 - Squats felt better than they have, but started to bother my right ankle/calf again, so I reduced weight to make sure I was staying balanced on both legs.
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Old 02-25-2010, 08:22 PM   #133
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

Clean Pull: 5x70, 4x100, 4x3x120
Snatch RDL: 4x70, 3x90, 5x4x110


1 - Quick day today, needed to get to laundromat before close.

2 - Clean pulls felt really good, did a much better job of keeping my lats tight and chest up - hopefully should help on Saturday if I can do that with heavy cleans.

3 - Snatch RDLs felt good, happy I could do them this well with 20kg above my best snatch. Was also during this was demonstrating light snatch rdls to a friend, and may have finally clicked in my brain how it should feel if I don't extend my hips early (like I always do).
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Old 02-27-2010, 03:28 PM   #134
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

Snatch: 2x50, 2x60, 70, 80, 85(f), 88(f), 90(f), 92(f)
Clean+Jerk: 2x60, 2x80, 90, 100, 110, 115(f), 120(f), 122(f)
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x110, 5x3x125


1 - Please don't comment on today's lifting. Just don't.
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Old 03-02-2010, 12:16 PM   #135
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x75, 2x90, 95, 100, 100(1+f), 95
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x110, 2x120, 2x130, 2x140, 2x145
Press: 3x20x20
Leg Raises: 3x25


1 - Cleans still felt pretty messed up. Tired on the jerk that I missed.

2 - FS PR double.
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Old 03-03-2010, 09:24 PM   #136
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

Snatch Pull: 5x70, 4x3x90
Snatch RDL: 5x90, 5x3x110
BTN Snatch Push Press: 5x50, 4x70, 3x3x90

Snatch: 3x50(f4), 2x60, 1x60(f2), 70, 75, 75(f), 70
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x110, 3x125, 4x3x145


1 - New lifting shoes, so snatches didn't actually feel bad per say, just different and weird. Some things actually felt better. We'll take some more time to adjust to the new shoes before passing judgement.

2 - Feeling a bit low energy in the squats, so stayed at 80%.

3 - Having let my diet get really screwy again the last couple weeks, I'm starting to realize the contrast in just how emotionally stable I felt while being strict on my diet, let alone stronger, faster, etc. And that was while cutting. And only a couple weeks each way. Methinks I should get back on that. Just in time to travel for a four day weekend...
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Old 03-14-2010, 05:11 PM   #137
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

Ok, so this update is going to be painfully long, but that's what I get for being lazy...

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 2x1x70
C+J: 3x60, 2x75, 2x1x85



2 - Warm up lifts before competing Saturday morning.

3 - All lifts went well - due to revelation. My snatches/cleans always look stupid because I'm donkey kicking all over the place, receiving the bar high, etc. So I thought back to the last time lifts felt good. Which was a few weeks earlier while doing hang cleans and hang snatches. So I just thought about getting into that starting position and finishing with a hang version - eureka! Will take practice to hammer in, but the results were immediately apparent.

Arnold Classic
Snatch Attempts: 80 - 85 - 89
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 110 - 115 - 115
Total: 200


1 - While the resulting total from this meet isn't that much better than the Garage Ink meet, I think it went a million times better.

2 - I hit 80 and 85 easy, felt light, and knew WHY I was hitting them easy. Got a little out of position on 89, no big.

3 - C+J victory was in the form of mental training. I missed 115 because I started with my back loose. Started to mentally beat myself up. Right before I went on stage, shook it off with a sick burn on a teammate, walked out there grinning, and hit it easy. Positive Mental Attitude, baby.

4 - Because I had so many other stressors, I decided not to bother cutting for this one. Weighed in at 88.3kg.

Clean+FS+Jerk: 2x(1+3+1)x60, 5x(1+3+1)x80
Clean Pull (BKn Pause): 4x3x95
IYTW Hyper Holds: 3x8x5#
Leg Lifts: 3x30


1 - Supposed to go to 90kg on complexes, but wrist was bothering me.

2 - Skipped jerk balances for the same reason.

Muscle Snatch: 3x3x40
High Hang Snatch: 3x50, 4x2(f3)x70


1 - Just couldn't manage to get all three in one set... Every miss was just a balancing point issue. I think I got too tired from these to stay tight in the bottom.

South Baltimore CrossFit Total
Back Squat Attempts: 177 - 186 - 186
Press Attempts: 66 - 70 - 75
Deadlift Attempts: 180 - 195 PR - 207 PR
Total: 454 PR


1 - Ok, so this is my one weakness - a couple times a year I just love to do this thing, whenever there's a break in my training cycles. And the SBCF people were excited about the end of their strength cycle, so it just looked fun.

2 - Squat had issues today, not sure why.

3 - Press matched PR, but no more. Got screwed up by mismatched plates for a bit.

4 - 207 deadlift to make goal! 1003lb CFT, breaking 1000lbs for the first time. This was the first time I'd deadlifted since the last CFT I did, which was 10/7/09, five months ago. 22kg PR above that day.

5 - After someone asked me why I wasn't using a belt on the BS, it prompted me to experiment with it again on the deadlifts. As it turns out, I was wearing it WAY too tight before. I went out the next night to buy a belt, since I now understand how to use one.

6 - Experimented with Kendrick Farris' style of explosive start with the deadlifts and it was awesome. The weights moved SO fast!

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 4x2x70
FS: 5x80, 4x95, 2x110, 5x115, 5x120, 5x125, 5x130
Lat Pull Down (alt f/b): 4x8
Hypers w/Straight Arms: 3x10
Decline Reverse Crunch: 3x10


1 - Experimented with the Kendrick Farris start on one of the warm up snatches - TERRIBLE IDEA! Works great for him, clearly not a good plan for me. Maybe I will try it on cleans, but I really think it probably won't work out.

2 - FS were maiden voyage of my new belt, felt awesome. Plan is to only use it on weights above 85% for FS, BS, DL and Clean.
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Old 03-15-2010, 07:23 PM   #138
Emily Mattes
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 727


I use a belt for my heaviest sets of squats and I think doing it that way provides a good balance of engaging the core and still pushing the weight. Basically, I go beltless until I'm failing squats or my lower back is bugging me, and then I put it on. My beltless squat as well as belted squat have both gone up this way so it works well for me.
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Old 03-16-2010, 07:18 AM   #139
Michael McKenna
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: South Central, PA
Posts: 100

Flipper, never apologize for lifting heavy things (above CF total). And thank GOD you realized you were donkey kicking. That's one of the things that inspired me to do the clinic down at SBCF in April, many of the crew around Charm City donkey kick (I wonder why...)

A 1,000 lbs CF total is pretty good stuff.

And I still say ditch the belt.
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Old 03-17-2010, 07:46 AM   #140
John Filippini
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 166

I've known for a while I was donkey kicking, floating, etc. I just really couldn't figure out what to do about it until I realized I wasn't doing it on heavy lifts from the hang. Now I just feel like it's obvious and I should've figured it out sooner.
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Old 03-22-2010, 07:54 AM
John Filippini
This message has been deleted by John Filippini.

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