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Martin Bonn
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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
or you can try out isolation workouts, have minor progress in the beginning, plateau for many years, realize you're not actually strong, and then try doing real tasks.
that is so true...happened to me...then i saw the light and started to squat, DL, B press, press etc.....and guess what? it worked!

also, these studies aren t new, in fact they have been around for quite a while. if this was the best way to build strength i m sure lots of PLs and Strong men would be doing it....but it seems they aren't! there must be something about those squats!
i supose what might work is doing squats and then do preacher curls....but thats for someone else to find out i m gonna stick to picking stuff up and putting stuff overhead.
Dan John said it quite nicely: you need to be able to pick it up, carry it and put it back down again...train like it! wise words!
Stats: 26yrs, 6'1'', 98.0kg
Snatch: 103kg
Clean & Jerk: 124kg
TOTAL: 227kg


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