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noxide sys
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Question tuck planche - problem with wrists

I have started tuck planche level and occured serious problem. When I lean forward, raise up my knees off the ground and get weight to the arms I feel pain of my wrists. I think my muscles of wrists aren't prepared to weight of my body, so I would like to know what kind of exercises I have to do in order to build more strenght to my wrists
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Chris H Laing
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Try doing this as part of your warm up on days where you're going to train the planche.

Also, Coach Sommer has some really good wrist prehab/rehab movements on his website.
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Andrew Meador
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Build yourself some parallettes.
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Chris Salvato
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Are your fingers facing straight forward? This requires a ton more flexibility and is not really necessary. Try to point your hands to the sides or backwards to alleviate the pain.

If its a pain of pressure sensations then you will likely need to lay off for a while and ice/massage until the pain subsides.

Wrist re/prehab is always recommended, though.
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