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george nesrallah
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Default Opinions on Turbulence Training?

Hi all. In two weeks I am finishing up my Bill Starr 5 x 5 and am looking for something to change to for losing fat. I plan on doing this for 4 weeks or so. In terms of burning fat is Turbulence Training one of the best ways to go? Seems good and quite fun.

Anyway just wondering what people think of it for fat loss.

Thanks everyone.
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george nesrallah
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So sorry everyone. I didn't take the time to look if whether there were other threads about this. If I did I would have seen quite a few things on it. My fault.

Sorry again.
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Mike ODonnell
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TT is decent....nothing extraordinary, but if you follow it and eat clean...you can get results. Personally I like more EDT style training with compound movements:

Fitness Spotlight
The IF Life
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jayson phillip
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Default Sounds good

I think you have taken the good decision this will definitely reduce your fat and i also recommend to do some yoga and meditation this will give you some positive result too.
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Grissim Connery
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Turbulence training is the newest popular weight workout routine that is based on articles and research done by Craig Ballantyne. I am not sure how you feel about Mens Health and Mens Fitness magazines but they really are to me a more well rounded Muscles and Fitness magazine for people in their 20s to 40s not full workouts but the magazines are more about keeping and getting into shape and the Turbulence training method concepts are the cornerstone of both of these magazines.

So what are the ideals of Turbulence training? Well of course muscle building and weight loss. Bur doing them at home instead of in a gym.

Using only three 45 minute weight workouts a week Turbulence Training will build muscle.
Turbulence Training Weight Loss

This turbulence training workout system works because of the types of exercises, sets and reps that you do will help you lose weight.
Turbulence Training Review

Creator of Turbulence Training

The foundation of the Turbulence training system is the workout. The workouts are intense workouts that are based on all of the principles that I have already talked about in this blog but are put together is a way that is truly unique and effective. There is no crap that you do not need and anyone in decent shape should be able to do these exercises.
Workout at Home

Turbulence Training ReviewNo Gym? No Problem. Turbulence Training is a program that you can easily do at home and the Turbulence Training program is designed especially so that you can do this at home and do not have to join a gym to do it.

Turbulence Training ReviewThis is a really great advantage over most programs in that you can just workout at home and do not have to worry about motivation, what you look like, and especially what equipment you have. This is great!

Turbulence Training ReviewOne thing to note is that because of the intensity of these workouts you may need to be in OK shape to start this workout system. If you are in horrible shape then the turbulence training workout system will not work quite as well but as your condition gets better the results will be better.

Turbulence Training ReviewSome may disagree with this but the fact is that you are using the muscle that you already have to get even stronger and to burn the most calories.

Regular cardio training like running or biking or stair climbers or treadmills or rowing machines are not part of the turbulence training program which is nice for many people as the hours in the gym on this kind of equipment to some people can be very boring. In fact not only does Craig not have any cardio in his program but he is another of a growing number of people that do not think that standard cardio workouts are nearly as good as Turbulence Training.
Turbulence Training Program

1. Train 3 days per week. Alternate between Workouts A & B.
2. Each workout will be resistance training followed by Interval Training.
3. Perform 2-4 sets per exercise and 6-8 repetitions per set.
4. Pair “non-competing” exercises in supersets.
5. Rest 1 minute between exercises.
6. Perform 2 warm-up sets.
7. Conclude each workout with Interval Training.
8. Change the exercises in the workout every 3 weeks!
9. Get your nutrition together! Decrease your calorie intake by eliminating processed carbohydrates and some saturated fat from your diet.

this is all i really found explaining it. can you give more detail on what it consists of?

how much do you weigh, and how much do you want to lose overall/in 4 weeks? do you want to lose fat for any sport or just to lose fat?
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