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Emily Mattes
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Default Rebuilding the body - devising a program

I have a friend who gets injured a lot. All of the time. He starts playing something and injures himself. He's dislocated his shoulder many times, he pulls his hamstring, he sprains his ankle . . . I have a variety of theories on why this is, and I think part of the problem is that he throws himself all-out into activities that he's not necessarily physically prepared for.

So I will be starting him on a "rebuilding" program. Build basic muscular strength (and hopefully correct any imbalances) while providing rehab/prehab for existing and possible injuries. Could someone give me a critique and ideas for how to go about this? This is what I'm thinking:

- Do mobility work pre- and post-workout--rolling, stretching, etc. Keep dynamic stretching pre-workout and static for post.

- Base the program off of a general strength program, sort of SS-style.

- Include shoulder-rehab work (I'm thinking Diesel Crew, Turkish Get-ups, etc)

He's got feet that are flat as a board, so I'm thinking of incorporating foot-strengthening exercises as well, calf-stretching, etc. I remember a series of foot-exercises (like walking on the heels and whatnot) linked in a post on this forum but can't find it.
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Steven Low
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Foot drills:

Flat feet:

SS-style with lots of prehab work would be good IMO.
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Arien Malec
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SS provides includes overhead and bench presses. It might be good to balance this with chins/pullups and rows to allow for even shoulder development from all angles.

Lots of barefoot work might be good for the feet.
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Scott Kustes
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- Diesel Crew for that shoulder
- A strength program (Starting Strength, 5/3/1, 5x5, something) with strong focus on form
- Barefoot work for the feet
- Ankle strengthening exercises (standing on toes [both feet and 1 foot], etc)

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Allen Yeh
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Something to include into the warmup:
A T-nation article from yesterday that I thought was interesting, might be worth incorporating into this program:

On YTWL's check out this by Nick Tumminello:

Mobility work, may or may not be a great idea if he's constantly dislocation his shoulder. Eric Cressey has a wealth of information about the shoulder since he deals primarily with baseball players.

Flat feet:
If possible start doing things is as little footwear as possible, barefoot is best, then socks, then Vibrams, Free's are a better alternative than a regular running shoe. The foot drills are helpful for reducing lower body pain but the bigger faster stronger stuff is more helpful for flat feet. This thread had a bit more things about flat feet:
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Craig Brown
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+++1 on the foot drills. I get everyone I can get to do these and they help a ton. Basic lifting with a fair to large amount of rows seems to be good for most people as well.
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Emily Mattes
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Great suggestions, thank you guys. I'm working with him once or twice a week to start, so I'll focus on a few core exercises with prehab/rehab work around it. Steve, I was going to focus on mobility/whatever for the rest of his body, shoulder focus will be on stability.
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