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Mark Fenner
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Default Another Density Progression

Hi folks,

A few years ago, I focused on chins and dips using a density style progression:


I decided that I want to push up my pressing strength significantly and decided to follow a progression that Pavel outlined in Beyond Bodybuilding for KB C+P. I'm following it for barbell C+P and pull-ups. It uses ladders and it progresses like this (using a fixed 6-8RM weight measured at the start):

5 of (1,2,3) [30 reps in five ladders]
6 of (1,2,3)
9 of (1,2,3)
10 of (1,2,3) [60 reps in ten ladders]

3 of (1,2,3,4) [30 reps in three ladders]
6 of (1,2,3,4) [60 reps in six ladders]

2 of (1,2,3,4,5) [30 reps in 2 ladders]
3 of (1,2,3,4,5)
4 of (1,2,3,4,5) [60 reps in 4 ladders]

The progression is every work out. This is similar to a workout in Enter the Kettlebell, but in ETK, Pavel uses this progression in a H-M-L weekly format, looking for week-to-week gains. I have been away from pressing for a bit, so I went for a return to a daily linear progression. Since I'm also doing this with pull-ups, my sets alternate c+p, pull-up. Since I don't have a partner in this madness (and yes, 60 reps with a recent 7RM is madness), I use a set number of breaths to rest between rungs of the ladders.

Anyway, I wanted to see what the power values looked like (and compare them to the old chin/dip progression I did). Enjoy!

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