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Derek Weaver
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Default Sugar = anger?

I wasn't sure where to put this article so I figured I would post the article here. Safe for work and families:

Kind of interesting, possibly a coincidence.
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Steven Low
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Does this explain why people get mad at me when I tell them that junk food is bad for them?
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Donald Lee
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HAHA. Another positive for healthy eating?
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Brian Stone
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As much as I am for not giving kids sweets, this seems kind of suspect to me, but I'd have to see the specifics of the study. Specifically, as hinted in the article, I'm interested in the kind of parenting all around that passes out this level of sweets. Also, if it's a gratification thing, I wouldn't say it's the sugar itself so much as the act of not teaching temperance in general.

I don't know - have a hard time putting my chips behind this one (that is not a pun).
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Mike ODonnell
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Hence why the Kellogg bird Sonny always went Koo Koo for Coco Puffs.
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