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Mike ODonnell
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Default Official IF Day - Sunday Nov 1st!

In my ongoing effort to help promote the good word about "IF" (intermittent fasting) for health and weight loss....I have declared a first "official" global IF day (with about much authority I carry with me via the web) for Sunday Nov 1st.

With that I have also "relaunched" (for those that remember it from the years before) the IF life at www.theiflife.com and am giving away a free 3 part ebook series on IF (and weight loss/health).

So whether you never IF, do it once a month/week or more regularly...help spread the word for November 1st and maybe we can create a better general awareness into our own personal "health care plan" with the focus on prevention.
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The IF Life
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Kelly Frankson
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Already promoted it on my blog and listing it on the fit4youNutrition.com Calendar of events!

Good luck spreading the word!
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