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Joakim Dilling
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Default C&J - weightlifting rookie

hello fellow weigtlifters,
i've been weightlifting for about six months now with no coaching except for a couple of times except when i met this old weightlifter guy at the gym where i train (i come from Denmark where weightlifting is a dying sport). so i was hoping to get some feedback on my lifts. i only have footage of the clean & jerk, but the snatch is to come. thanks in advance.

100 kg clean and jerk (~90% of max):

(sorry about the shitty format, but haven't been able to figure out how to turn the damn thing around)
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Emily Mattes
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First things I noticed:

1) More speed on that second pull
2) Extend a bit higher

1) Front foot out further
2) Dip faster
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