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Blair Lowe
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Pat, a pause is different than a stop. Besides, it really sucks to hold it there at the bottom.

I've tried pressing from shoulderstand to handstand and it is a bitch and a half. Course that was on rings with my legs inside the straps ( so not a free HS ). I haven't honestly tried on parallettes in a long time.

Arching the HSPU out of the bottom makes it easier like a typical press. Not recruiting the chest in the press makes it tougher.
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Tom Rawls
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Originally Posted by Pat McElhone View Post
Hey George,

I really do not want to start any debate here, but what do you mean by pure CF? Like many, many here, I have long moved on from the mainpage WOD and am long over my "metcon infatuation". But, today I plan on doing some metabolic conditioning.
Although i don't pay much attention to x-fit, my impression is that "for time" is an essential element. That is, an all-out effort, or close to it, is an essential element of most workouts. This aspect of x-fit explains why you won't find a competitive athlete in any sport using the x-fit intensity prescription. It's just wrong.
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Blair Lowe
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Tom, in CF programming there are the strength days that are 7x1, 7x3, 5x5 besides the WOD's like 5k of rowing or running.

However, when we tend to think of CF, metcons come to mind.
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