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Greg Battaglia
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Default Loren Cordain now has a blog

Here's the link: http://thepaleodiet.blogspot.com/

This guy is light years ahead of virtually any other scientist/researcher in this area or in nutrition as a whole. He sticks to facts, stays professional, and keeps an open mind. Great stuff, check it out.
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Garrett Smith
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That's a great blog.

I don't know about this advice though...generally avoiding nightshades and not eating fruit with protein? Sounds like crazy talk. Har har.
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Tony Ferous
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Thanks hadnt see that.
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Mike ODonnell
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Thanks! Will add to the reader.....
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Steve Liberati
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Cool, but it looks like Patrick Baker a member of the Paleo Diet staff (and not Loren Cordain) is the one who updates the blog posts.

Still good info.
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Old 11-12-2009, 04:25 PM
Greg Battaglia
This message has been deleted by Greg Battaglia.

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