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Garrett Smith
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Nightshades are conjecture too...I get someone on Paleo and "no nightshades" and their health improves, pain decreases...every time. Oh well.

Starchy veggies would seem to fit Paleo just fine, especially with what Darryl Shaw posts up here so often.

I put it this way...we know that humans made it this far on "Paleo" foods...everything after that is suspect (but could be okay, Weston Price's work with different cultures would seem to show that).

Maybe the nutrient content research here should simply be ignored if one doesn't want to "believe" it.
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Steven Low
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I mean you can't find a problem with the analysis.

On the other hand, if it helps many people feel and perform better you can't ignore it.

Basically, go with what works for you. I don't think any of them would disagree with that though... or maybe perhaps they would?
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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
I have an account there with 2300 posts.

It's very easy to get fed up with people obviously... but arrogance is what you do with it. I mean, I come off that way sometimes but it's not like I'm trying to be a jerk. Well, that's sometimes as well.
Yes we have been meaning to talk to you about your 'tude lately!

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