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Mike ODonnell
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I agree to the fact functional is only applicable to one's lifestyle, needs and weaknesses.....I mean if functional training is climbing a wall which I will never have a reason to do....how is it functional?? But if I need strength to take a slap shot for hockey.....than that is my definition of functional. Functional is individually defined....not one overall definition.
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Jason C. Brown
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Mike and Greg, great points.

We had this discussion earlier in another thread about isolation exercises being functional. Of course they can be, if they serve the function we want them to, namely turn on some muscle (glute med for example) prior to a larger gross movement.

Great thread everyone.

Steve Shaf -I blocked your ISP, no more emails for you sucka.
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Steve Shafley
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Bastard. Don't make me get out my proxies.
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Craig Cooper
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