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Jerrett Fowler
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Default I'm a lurker, who just turned member. I need some help. :)

Back Story:

In 2001 I reached the weight of 430-450 pounds. I actually didn't have a scale that went up that high, but I estimated because I did have a scale that went up to 380 or so. So, from 2001 to 2006 I decided I would try to lose weight. It came off extremely slowly, but around December of 2006 I weighed about 350 pounds.

In 2007, I moved out of my parent's house, which was an extremely good thing. I rapidly went from about 350 pounds to about 225 pounds from January 2007 to June or July 2007.

Then, I hit a brick wall that I couldn't get away from. I couldn't work out every day like I use to, and I couldn't eat the way I use to anymore, because school and work started to get pretty crazy.

I have been working out, with much less intensity since that summer, but I've been concentrating more on lifting and balance training--low weight, high reps. I also occasionally do interval training.

The problem I'm having is, even after getting a personal trainer (which failed), I am floating around 250. I don't count this as gaining fat, but rather, I gained LBM. Still, with 250 pounds of weight, with a LBM of 160 lbs~, I consider that a danger. I desperately do not want to get heart disease, diabetes, or anything of the sort (at least not from something I can prevent).

I've been reading here on the forum for a while about the McDonald RFL method. I have read his e-book and It looks pretty sound. I do have reservations, because I've never lost weight that fast, but as I see it, It's better to get this weight off than to keep it on any longer.

Could you guys help me with this? I've been reading a lot, but this plateau has gotten me jaded enough to try anything without knowing it will absolutely work. I also realize this will only happen in the kitchen, pretty much.

The Problems:

-Need to increase power

-Need to increase flexibility

-Need to lose mass (75 lbs)

-Need to overcome mental barriers

Starting Stats:

* Age: 26
* Weight: 250.2
* Height: 5' 10.5"
* BF%: 33.5%
* Current diet: Absolute shit.

Target Stats:

* Age: 26
* Weight: 175~
* Height: same
* BF%: Around 16-18% Perhaps lower if my body tells me I can.
* Diet: Whole foods, reasonable portions, nothing refined or processed, bulk of food from veggies and lean meat.

Ultimate Goals:

* Be able to push, pull, balance full body weight, regardless of position or lack of arms or legs. Should be able to push, pull, and balance full body weight on one arm or on one leg.
* Be light on my feet, fast, and and in full control of my body.
* Get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.
* Train intensely 20-30 minutes a day 4-5 times per week, while still listening to my body. Must rest appropriately if needed.
* Lose the last 75 pounds of fat I have left.
* Drink only water and tea (without sugar).

Phase One Goals:

* Modify diet and lose the excess weight as fast as humanly possible using the McDonald Method.
* Hit goal weight of 190 - 200 lbs. by March.
* Do extremely light isometric workouts to build muscle strength and endurance. 2 days a week

Monday/ RFL

Tuesday/ RFL

Wednesday/ RFL

Thursday/ RFL

Friday/ RFL + Cheat Dinner

Saturday/ RFL

Sunday/ RFL + Cheat Dinner

Phase Two Goals:

* Modify diet again, slowly adding more veggies to diet, and slowing down weight loss.
* Increasing isometric workouts, add balance exercises, add dumbell exercises. 3 days a week
* Add light cardio, 2 days a week, 30 minute sessions.
* Hit goal weight of 175 lbs.
* Start research on the book "Starting Strength" by Ripptoe.

Monday/ RFL

Tuesday/ RFL

Wednesday/ RFL

Thursday/ RFL

Friday/ RFL + Cheat Dinner

Saturday/ RFL

Sunday/ RFL + Cheat Dinner

On diet 3 weeks, off diet 1 week

Phase Three Goals:

* Implement maintenance diet, giving more freedom (by adding more veggies with higher GI, but still being limited on how much I eat).
* Implement maintenance workout routine found in "Starting Strength."
* Start Parkour training.

I was also recommended by a friend to start looking into the "Starting Strength" book. Do you guys feel this could benefit me in my goals?

Thank you so much for your time.
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Mike Romano
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What are you doing for exercise/conditioning right now?

IMO, I would start off your regime including starting strength, not doing isometrics (i believe you mean isolation exercises?). I don't have experience from a coaching perspective, but I started with starting strength/paleo when I was heavier, and I got lean and strong really quick. I cheated a little and did some cardio on off days, but still worked for me. Someone with more experience coaching will definitely have something to add, but that was really the only glaring thing that I saw. Power, flexibility, mental barriers will all come with good training, the last is part training but mostly food quality.
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Arien Malec
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Starting Strength would generally be a good thing.

It seems to me that your first goal should be to establish good eating habits, focusing on high quality foods (starting initially on lean meats, eggs, chicken, fish, lots of green things).

It's possible that the combination of starting strength plus good eating plus regular walking, rowing, etc., can make a considerable dent in your body composition without RFL. If not, you have RFL in the quiver to make faster progress.

So, to sum up:

Phase 1:

Starting strength + good food quality (for the beginning, stick lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, plus a crapload of leafy green things).

Optional phase 2:

If that doesn't change your body comp in a couple of months, add in RFL.
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Jerrett Fowler
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Originally Posted by Mike Romano View Post
What are you doing for exercise/conditioning right now?
Thanks so much for your response.

As of last week 4 days a week I do 30 minute interval training and 2 days a week (after interval training) I do a full body workout with a mixture of gym machines (I know, I know) and balance/ball exercises.

I quit doing this the last week because I felt like I needed to reboot what I was doing and plan something different out.
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Jerrett Fowler
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Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 3

@Arien, You make some really great points. Thanks for all the info and options.
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