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Don Stevenson
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Default 2009 a year in review

So how did everyone's training plans turn out for 2009?

Did you achieve all your goals, some of your goals or none of them?

The PB thread here runs pretty hot so i'm guessing most people made some significant progress this year so as we wind down for the year i figured i'd throw this out there

This is what I put in my training log at the start of the year on the 6th of January.

"Goals for 2009 are pretty simple

#1 - Compete at "Sydneys Strongest Man" in June and qualify for nationals

#2 - Compete at OzStrongman Nationals in December and place top 3 in the 105kg category."

#1 - Achieved. Competed in the comp and got an invite to nationals

#2 - Didn't make it to nationals, work got in the way and killed my training for about 5 months. Even if i'd gone I would have finished outside the top 5.

Progress this year

Bodyweight - 98kg up to 108kg now

DL - 215kg - 38kg/84lb improvement to 253kg/556lb

BSQ - 177kg (high bar ATA) - 33kg/73lb improvement to 210kg/462lb

MP - 78kg - a 13kg/29lb improvement to 91kg/200lb

BP - 110kg - a 22kg/48lb improvement to 132kg/290lb

Power clean - 120kg - about the same, haven't tested it recently

Push press 100kg - 110kg way back in june

Overall i'm a few kg short on my goals for the basic lifts (DL 260, BSQ 220, BP 140, MP 100) but given the disturbances to my training i'm still very happy with the results and i'm setting my sights on some big numbers for next year as well as planning my year around 4 major strongman comps.

I've got one more opportunity to squeeze a few more PBs out this Wendesday then i'm away until the 11th of January

So how did everyone else go?
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Brian DeGennaro
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It is going really well actually since I started setting up a lot of mini goals to achieve. My biggest problem was not setting dates and [mini] goals and setting myself to them with all I have...That and not squatting enough. My lifting numbers are on their way up since I started adding squats in regularly.

2008---> 2009:

Snatch 81kg --> 100
CJ 111 --> 136
FS 125x2 --> 145x3/160x1
BS 150 --> 180

Squats could be higher if I did them more often during this summer. I wanted everything to be higher but I never had a smart plan of action doing it: usually just run and gun. Looking back I made solid improvements however, and I still have time to add more to the board. Shooting for 110 snatch, 150 CJ, 165 FS, and 190 BS by the end of the month.
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