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Tony Ferous
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Jay, how does that egg protein mix up and taste?

Last time i tried egg white protein years ago it formed big clumps when mixing and tasted nasty even for me(and i dont mind how bcaa powder tastes!).
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Mike ODonnell
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I've started adding in 1 glass whole milk + 1 scoop of whey/casein mix in the AM and at night....just to see what happens.

People don't need 2-4 scoops per drink...your body won't use all that protein, esp from quickly digesting sources.
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Jay Ashman
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Tony it isn't the best stuff in the world, that is for sure... but with a blender it mixes and I've tasted worse
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Gavin Harrison
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Not to toot any horns here, but I've used proteins from the supplement brand At Large Nutrition. Their stuff mixes well with a spoon, is generally a blen of whey, casein, egg, etc, and tastes pretty good. It's also relatively cheap compared to other protein powders in protein/$ and they often have deals for 10% off everything. They also give a lot back in terms of money to powerlifting, and maybe other strength sports. The bars are good tasting too, but moderately more expensive.
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