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Arden Cogar Jr.
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got behind on my training logs. Sorry, work has been hell. But finally getting my head above water. Will resume where I left off.

3.25.10 - Event training. Did a few double cuts and 3 singles. No chopping. Tired.

3.26.10 - roller and yoga to start.

Then off to MHS. Started with Box Power Cleans - went 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 105x3, 110x3, 105x3, and 95x3.
Then did Push Press. Went 40x5, 75x5, 105x5, 95x5x3
Then did front squat. Still not up to snuff on these. Went 135x3x5.
Then did light clean pulls 130kgx3x5
Then did some drags - about 15 minutes worth. Felt great.
Then abs.

3.27.10 - Event training. Chopped a lot of Underhands on a down tree in the woods. Chopped til I was sick of it. Hands didn't bleed. Like what my underhands are doing right now.

Started with yoga and roller. Then over to MHS.

Did power snatch: 20x2, 40x2, 75x2x5. Worked on crispness.
Did power clean and jerk: went 75x3, 95x3, 105x3, 105x3.
Did Back Squats: these are feeling better. Went 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, 225x5x2.
Then did RDLs 120x5x5
Then did some sled work - about 18 minutes worth.
Then abs.

3.29.10 - Off day. Body tired. Worked over 16 hours.

3.30.10 - at the YMCA.
Rolled and did yoga.
Then did Box power snatches 45lbx2, 95x2, 115x2, 135x2, 165x2, 185x2, 200x2, 205x2, 185x2.
Then did shallow OHS. Went 135x3, 165x3, 185x3, 200x3, 200x3.
The did Back Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 385x5, 285x5, 315x5.
Then did Snatch Pulls: Went 255x3x3
Then did Ring push ups - 5 sets.
Then some abs.

3.31.10 - made three single cuts in the morning. making progess.

rolled and yoga, then over to MHS

Started with box power cleans: 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 105x3, 110x3, 120x3, 122x3, 125x3, 105x3.
Then did push press: went 40x5, 75x5, 105x5, 130x5PR, 120x5, 110x5.
Then did front squats. Wasn't feeling it today. Went 135x3x5.
Then did Clean RDLs with 75x5x5.
Then abs

Here's the highlights:

4.2.10 Event training - no real fire on the single, getting the saw too steep toward the bottom too. Said hello to Buddha on a big 15" tulip underhand. Decent standing work. Check out the thin cookies I'm making on the single - pretty pleased with that.

Here's the highlights:

started with roller and yoga
Then over to MHS -
Started with snatch matrixes. Went 20x3, 40x3,60x3, 75x3x3. Felt pretty good.
Then did Clean matrix - 23nt 75x3, 105x3, 115x3, then injured my left knee on 105. Just went too deep and something screamed as I ascended with the weight. Immediately got ice on it and it was freakin sore.

4.4.10 - Did nothing. Knee is still sore.

4.510 - knee is still jacked, but I can chop and saw without issue. So I did. Actually had a great session.

6 single sprints in one session is pretty silly. But I managed. Cut some really nice tulip and like what I did in both chops. Little too fearful to jump on boards.


knee still sore, but feeling better. gotta take it easy.

Did Box Power snatch. Went 20x2, 40x2, 75x2, 90x2, 95x2, 75x2x3
Then did snatch shallow OHS. 75x3x5
Then did 1/4 Back Squats: 135x3, 225x3, 315x3x3
Then did Snatch RDLs: 105x3x5
Then did abs.

Here's the highlights:

Did some event work with Kiara. She did cleans, snatches, clean and jerks. I made 3 cuts on the single. And cut some dry pine in the standing.

Here's the highlights:

4.9.10 - Did nothing. Pretty tired. worked a lot of hours.

4.10.10 - a.m. beefcake at the YMCA

Started with yoga and roller.

Then did power cleans: went 95x3, 135x3, 195x3, 225x3, 245x3, 260x3, 225x5 - widened my grip about 2" on each hand - out to the snatch rings and it felt great!
Then did push presses. Went 95lbx5, 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 225x5, 245x5, 225x5
Then did Box squats: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 225x5x2
Then did Clean RDLs: 245x5, 335x5, 425x5, 515x5
Then did abs.

4.10.10 - off to Webster to turn wood. Lots of physical labor this day. Didn't do any chopping.

Had an MRI done on the knee - I have a tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. No squat cleans or squat snatches for me for a while.

4.11.10 - did some event work. Still not jumping full force. But feeling better. I cut a 35" tulip in 13 hits. Took me 15 seconds to cut it because I was sticking, but that's the first time I've ever known of anyone to cut one of those logs in 13 hits. Also made a rocking cut on a 13" pine in 15 hits. Then cut a 15" pine underhand at warp 10.

Here's the highlights:

4.12.10. Early A.M. bout 5ish. As I had a good 12 to 15 hour day ahead of me.

Started with power snatches. Went 20x3, 40x3, 60x3, 75x3, 90x3x4.
Then did Power cleans: 75x3, 105x3, 110x3, 105x3x3. Felt weak on this movement.
Then did jerks. went 75x3, 105x3, 110x3, 145x2, 120x3, 75x5
Then did box squats: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5 365x3, 315x5
Then did Sumo Deadlifts: 135x5, 160x5x3
Then did Ring push ups 5 sets
Then did abs.

Here's the highlights:

P.M. got the wife to dust off the double saw and did some event training


4.13.10 - got up early and did some event work. Long day ahead of me, so had to do what I had to do.

Please ignore the skinny track pants. I think they were pajama bottoms. :-D

here's the highlights:

Here's the P.M. Event work


4.14.10 - a.m. beefcake

roller and yoga to start out.

Then did Box power snatch: went 20x2, 40x2, 70x2, 80x2, 90x2x4, 75x2x2
Then did OHS - a little deeper this time: Went 75x3x5
Then did Box Squats: went 135x3, 225x3, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3 - knee feeling better
The did snatch pulls: 105x3, 125x3x3
Then did 5 sets of ring push ups.
Then did double 32kg presses for 16 reps - that sucked.
Then did abs.

Then went to see orthopedic surgeon. He informed me that the radiologist had taken great liberty in diagnosing me with a tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Told me to use common sense and keep on doing what I'm doing.

4.15.10 - worked 16 hours, but did manage to make a few single cuts.

4.16.10 - per coaches instance, decided to try some split cleans. worked well, The bump and hump wasn't so bad.

Did box cleans: 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 105x3, 110x3, 115x3, 115x3, 105x5
Then did push presses: 40x5, 75x5, 105x5, 115x5, 105x5
Then did Box Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 225x5
Then did clean pulls: 165x3x3


Then stoopid me did some event work that evening:


4.17.10 - worked 15 hours getting ready for trial and did a demo at the healthy kids day for the Charleston YMCA.

Had a 15" pine standing that came loose on me in the stand. Then cut a 15" tulip log in the equivalent of 7 seconds faster than the current record - pretty pleased with that.


4.18.10 - another day working about 15 hours getting ready for trial

Did an early a.m. workout. Knee is feeling much better.

Did power snatch: Went 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 90x3x2, 75x3
Then did Clean and Jerk: 75x3, 95x3, 105x3, 115x3, 105x3.
Then did Power squats - didn't hurt knee andcould go deep: 135x5, 225x5x3 - yeah!
Then did Clean deads: 120x3, 170x3, 200x3, 200x3
Then did Floor Press: 135lbx10, 225x10, 315x1
Then did LCCJ: 32kgx max reps before dying. The lockouts were very "Cogar-like." Fixation is a state of mind.
Then did 10 reps pressing them.
Then abs:

Here's the highlights:

4.19.10 - Day one trial - worked 18 hours
4.20.10 - Day two trial - worked 16 hours
Did get up at 4:00 a.m. and worked out.

Did Box power snatch - 20x3, 40x3, 60x2, 70x2, 80x2, 90x2, 95x2, 100x2, 105x2, 90x2x3
Then did OHS - yeah, got them and they felt great. Still not ATG, but getting there. Went 40x3, 60x3, 75x3x5
Then did Back squats. 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 275x5
Then did Snatch RDLs 120x3x5
Then 5 sets of ring push ups.

Here's the highlights:

4.21.10 - Day three trial - worked another 16 hours. Got up at 3 a.m. and lifted. couldn't sleep

Did Box Power Cleans: 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 95x3, 105x3, 115x3, 105x3x3
Then did Push Presses: 40x5, 75x5, 105x5, 75x5
Then did Front squats. 135x3x5
Then did Clean Pulls: 125x3x5
Then did 2 board press: 135x5, 225x4, 275x3, 315x2, 335x1
Then did abs.

here's the highlights:

Gotta move those feet!

4.22.10 - nothing. Slept, but worked about 18 hours.

4.23.10. I trained but my CNS was fried. Jury came back at 8 p.m.

Stated with power snatch: 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 90x2x2
Then Cleans: 75x3, 105x3x2, 95x3x2
Then did Jerks: 75x3, 105x3x2
Then did back squats: 135x5, 225x5x4
Then RDLs 120x5x5
Then ring pushups 5 sets
Then abs:

Here's some highlights:

4.24.10 - slept 18 hours
4.25.10 - slept 16 hours


Started with power snatch - went 20x2, 40x2, 75x2, 90x2x4
Then did clean and jerks: went 75x3, 105x3, 115x3, 120x2, 105x3x2
Then did Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 225x5, 225x5
Then did sumo deads: 120x5, 170x4, 200x3, 230x2, 260x8.
Then did Floor presses: 135x10, 225x10, 315x1
Then did 3 sets of ring push ups
Then did abs:

here's some highlights:


High Volume event session. High intensity as well. It was great. Loved it. Needed it too.

here's some highlights. Need to work on my standings.



Block power snatches: 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 90x3x3, 75x3 - starting to see some crispness again.
Behind the neck Push Press snatch grip: 75x3, 90x3x3
Then OHS dead stop: 75x3, 90x3x3 - these felt great!
Then Back Squats: 135lbx5, 225x5, 315x5x3 - these felt great! 315 felt like 135 so I think I'm almost back!
Snatch Pulls: 105x3, 125x3x3
4 board: 135x10, 225x10, 315x5
Ring push ups 5 sets

Here's some highlights:

4.29.10 - event work
working on my standing. Still not pleased with it. going to take a while to get to where I want to be.


cutting a 15" log on the tree was fun though. Really opened up the lungs - 90 second race.


Box Cleans: 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 95x3, 105x3, 115x3, 125x1 (sucked!), 110x3
Box Squat Cleans: 75x3x3 - yeah!!! Finally did them without pain! Gonna take these slow.
Push Press: 40x5, 75x5, 105x5, 125x5, 115x5x2
Front Squat: 135x5x5 super setted with sissy squats for sets of 10
Clean Pulls: 120x3, 170x3x3
2 board: 135x10, 225x10, 275x5
2 sets of ring push ups

here's some highlights:


Now, I'm caught up!
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Wuz up, little update. Get slack in reporting in.

5.1.10 - double header softball game with Kiara. Worked the concession stand and ate nothing - ha! Who'da thunk it.

5.2.10. Forgot camera, but got my beefcake on. Realizing that pulling from the floor is putting me in a odd position and I can't get enough ummph on the bar once it's going.
Roller and yoga to start.
Did power snatches. Went 20kgx3, 40x3, 75x2, 90x2, 95x1, 80x2, 75x2. The 95 felt heavy.
Then did power clean and jerks. Went 75x3, 95x2, 105x2, 120x2, 110x2.
Then did 110 for 5 singles in the jerk. Just working on position.
Then did back squats. Went 135lbx5, 225x5, 315x5, 225x5, 225x5
Then did RDLs Went 120x5x5
Then did 5 sets of ring push ups.
Did 5 sets of 5 with 32kg LCCJ. Was pretty pooped.
Then did abs.

5.3.10 - felt sick, had flu or something. Went home from work early and was pretty wrecked. Slept about 15 hours.

5.4.10 - felt better. Worked full day. Went home to some event training. Did 3 singles, 5 standings, and one beautiful underhand that didn't get filmed - grrrrr. Camera didn't record.

Single is coming along nicely. Need to get a bit further forward on the 2nd through 4th stroke and I'll be very pleased.

Standing is about rythym at this stage and the dry hard logs I'm cutting is messing with me a bit.

Underhand is going very well.

Here's some highlights:

5.5.10 up early and over to MHS. Rolled and yoga to start.

Then did box power snatches. Went 20x3, 40x3, 75x2, 90x2, 95x2, 99x2, 90x2, 75x2.
Then snatch grip push presses: went 75x3, 95x3x3
Then did dead stop OHS: went 75x3, 95x3x3
Then did Back Squats - these felt the best they've felt in a while. Went 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x5, 315x5

Then did snatch pulls 105x2, 115x2, 125x2
Then did 4 board: 135x10, 225x10, 315x7
Then did Ring push ups: 3 sets
Then abs.
Then more roller and yoga

here's the highlights:

5.6.10 - nothing physical this day other than two long walks. Had a reception to go for the State Journal's Generation Next award.

5.7.10 - up early again. Couldn't sleep. Was in the barn way too early. Started with yoga and roller.

Then started with box power cleans. Went 20x3, 40x3, 75x3, 95x3, 100x3, 120x3, 105x10 - that was a PR
Then did some box squat cleans and they felt awesome! Finally felt as though I was pulling myself under the bar. Or that I was jumping under the bar. I loved it. Just need to get the hip completely healed and I'll be good to go.
Went 75x3, 85x3, 95x3.
Then did some push presses: 40x5, 75x5, 105x5, 132x5, 117x5x2
Then did some front squats: went 135lbx5, 225x3x5
Then did some Clean pulls: 125x2, 165x2x3
Then did some 2 board: 135x10 225x10 315x2
Then did some ring push ups
Then abs, more roller and yoga.

Here's some highlights:

5.8.10 - Event training with THE Bradshaws. Lots of double sawing, with a bit of chopping. Very pleased with the way The and I are sawing right now. Kristy and I are getting better, I just need to learn to talk less and we'll be golden. She saws much better than I do anyway.

here's some highlights:


5.9.10 - sorta tired. Woke up at 6:00 on Sunday and went over to MHS to bang it out and get it over with.

Started with power snatches. Went 20x3, 40x3, 75x2, 90x2, 95x1, 99x1. Again, I'm finding myself not pulling with as good of timing from the floor as I do the box. Coach Handy is dead right, my first pull is messed up. Gotta really straighten my legs on the first pull and that's all.
Then did some squat snatch off the floor for the first time in 3 months - felt good. Went 45x2, 55x2.
Then did power clean and jerk: went 75x3, 95x2, 110x2, 125x1, 120x2 - did some event drills between sets. What the heck?
Then did some squat clean and jerks. Went 75x2, 95x2, 105x2 - still bumping and humping bad, but I'll stand up better. Felt as though I pulled under quicker - which is a plus.
Then did back squats. Kept it light. Went 135x5, 225x5x5
Then did sumo DL went 175lbx5, 265x4, 355x3, 44x2, 535x1. Had thought about going up to 715 today, but was too tired. Instead went back down to 355 and did 2 sets of 5.
Then did ring push ups, abs, and more roller and yoga.

Here's the highlights:

Who knows what tonight will bring?
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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how goes the fight? Day off for me today, but wanted to report the goings on. Can't stop, may slow, but never quit.

5.10.10 - after a long day at work, got some event work on. Started out with Three singles. Amazingly the first cut felt the crappiest, but it was the fastest of the 3 - I'm cutting a 56" log, with a dull saw, in times ranging from high 14s to low 16s. I got the 2nd cut in this lot a bit crooked, so it was in the high 16s. Put up a lathe turned 57" log and will try my good saws in it over the weekend; so I can get a frame of reference.

Cut a bruiser of a standing block to be doing it - 17" 52" in circumference. rotten on the outside, but sound in the center. Kristy cut a big underhand by herself. I did a bunch of drill work as well.

Also only recorded one of 3 jack and jill cuts - just because.

Here's the highlights:

5.11.10 - up early and over to MHS. Rolled and yoga. Then to the beefcake.

Did Box power snatches: went 20x3, 40x3, 75x2, 90x2, 95x2, 100x2, 90x2.
Then did Snatch Grip PP: Went 105x3x5
Then did OHS Dead stops: went 75x3, 95x3, 100x3, 75x3
Then did Back squats (these felt great): went 135lbx3, 225x3, 315x3, 405x3, 455x3.
Then did snatch pulls: 75x3, 105x3, 115x3, 125x3
Then did 4 board: went 135lbx10, 225x10, 315x8.
Then did abs and more roller.

Been doing long walks everyday with Kristy. This night was nothing different. Will continue this.

here's the highlights:

Like how I incorporated some event work into the beefcake? Gonna keep doing that as the days move on. Can't hurt, I reckon

No beefcake til Friday, as I'm taking a day off today and will event train tomorrow. It's raining like crazy here and it's suppose to rain all week.

I need to do some hotsaw runs.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Alex Bond
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Saw you on ESPN2 this morning!
Training Log
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Derek Simonds
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I was eating lunch at the lake yesterday and my son was flipping through the channels and we saw last years world championships from Sweden maybe. The timing was perfect to watch you climb and chop. The announcer said at least once maybe twice that you are the strongest man in timbersports. Nice!
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Craig Brown
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Arden, just checked out you vids for the first time in a year- everything is looking very clean & crisp on the lifting, nice work.
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Alex, Very cool - I hope you enjoyed it.
Derek, I'm definitely the silliest person in the sport.
Craig - thanks. i'm finally almost to where i feel almost comfortable to resume doing the full lifts. I may end up having my left knee scoped in the next month - which will help a lingering issue I've had all spring. But we'll soon shall see.

After 12 weeks of training hard, working harder, and traveling like a mashed cat for my silly hobby and work, I'm finally able to start updating my training log again.

I kid you not - On August 20th, My wife and I started a journey out to Salem, Oregon. We extended the trip by stopping at Mt. Rushmore, CRazyhorse, the Bad Lands, and Yellow Stone. We hiked extensively at each place.

I competed in Salem on August 27 - 29, at the OPen Stihl Timbersports Series. Did great in the first round, not so great in the 2nd round. Okay by standards, but lost my gall in the finals and the day spiraled out of control. Lots to work on for next season.
here's some highlights:

The wife and I then spent 50 hours driving 42 so i could be in Court on Wednesday morning September 1.

The next day, I was up at 3:00 a.m. to catch a flight to St. Johann Austria. Competed on Saturday at the World Championships - ended up 4th, but was in the hunt until the last event.

Here's some highlights:

had the first board not came out on me in the tree, I would have a PR day. Oh well.

Then returned home to work and finally got my first lifting session in 3 weeks on 9.8.10. Did some light Power Cleans to 105x5x3, Push Presses to 110x3x3, front squats to 135 for multipe sets and some bell work.

On Friday, the wife and made our way to the Balsam's resort in Dixville, NH for another contest - 900 miles. Good lord.

Performed very well. Very pleased with how it turned out. Won 3 events and placed in several others.
here's some highlights:

Returned home on Sunday.

Got my beefcake at the YMCA on 9.13.10
Power Snatch: 95lbx3, 135x3, 155x3x5
OHS: 95x3, 135x3x5
Back Squats: 135x5, 225x5, 275x5x3
Snatch Pulls: 70x5, 105x3x5
Incline Bench 5 sets up to 225
Pull ups and Pull downs - 5 sets
Then some abs.

9.14.10 - sore as all hell. Did some bell swings and extended yoga and foam rolling for recovery.

9.15.10 - beefcake at home
Power Cleans: 40x3, 70x3, 100x3, 110x3x3, 100x3
Push Press: 40x5, 70x4, 100x3, 110x5, 100x5, 70x5x3
Front Squats: 135x3x10
Clean Pulls: 110x3, 150x3x5

9.16.10 - again sore as all get out - active recovery with lots of yoga and tai chi. Lots of homework with the girls.

9.17.10 YMCA beefcake:
power snatch - 95lbx3, 135x3, 155x3, 175x3, 185x3
OHS: 95x3, 135x3, 155x3x3
BackSquat: 135x5, 225x5 315x5x2, 225x5
Snatch Pulls: 165x5, 255x4, 205x3x4
Pulldowns - 5 sets

9.18.10 - Carmen's 10th birthday. We went to a woodchop at St. Marys then we returned home for a her sleepover birthday party that involved a lot of giggling and some loud 10 year old girls.

Here's the highlights of the woodchop:

that's my 76 year old father chopping after the hand sawing events. Still going well. Still Going well.

9.19.10 - took naps and the girls to the mall - had nothing after sleeping 3 hours the night before. OH my!

9.20.10 - YMCa beefcake
power cleans: 95lbx3, 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 255x3, 225x3x3
Push Press: 95x5, 135x4, 185x3, 225x3, 255x2, 275x1, 225x3x2, 135x5x3
Front Squats: 135x3, 185x3x5
Clean Deadlifts: 165x5, 255x4, 345x4, 435x3, 525x8
Bench Press: 135x5, 185x5, 225x5x3
KB Snatch: 16x10LR, 24x10LR, 32x10LR, 40x5LR, 48x3LR - these were awesomely fun.
Abs and out the door.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Well, last night, 9.21.10, Kristy and I enjoyed a cool session. She bought Lorna Kleidman's book and is enjoying her bell workouts. I did 10 sets of 5 on 135lb olympic style back while she did her bell work.

Then 9.22.10, at lunch, I did the following:
Power Snatch 95lbx3, 135x3, 155x3, 175x3, 185x3x3
OHS: 95x3, 135x3, 165x3x3, 135x3,
Back Squat: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5x3, 225x5
Snatch Pull: 135x3, 225x3x5
Bench Press supersetted with clapping push ups: 135x5, 185x5, 245x5x3
Then some abs, more yoga and rolling and out the door.

Knee feels better and hip feels great. Liking this active recovery stuff. I had hoped to do some bell snatches, bur ran out of time. Will do them tomorrow as part of my active recovery with Kristy.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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This daily squatting thing actually might work for me. Last night, I ended up doing air squats, then rain the graveyard hill as I took Leo for a walk. Was surprised I could do it as easily as I did. After that did some rolling and yoga and called it a night.

This morning got up at 4 and got the beefcake. Kristy actually joined me this morning. She's enjoying Lorna's bell book and is following it to a T.

I did Power Cleans: 20x3, 40x3, 70x3, 100x3, 115x3x3, 105x3x2.
Then Push Presses: 40x5, 70x5, 100x5, 120x5, 105x5x2
Then did Front squat: 135x3, 185x3, 225x3x8. These were great. No pain anywhere. Loved it. I've decided to consider squat cleaning again when I can front squat 315 for multiple sets of 3 pain free.
Then did Clean Pulls: 110x3, 130x3, 155x3x3 - changing my hip position a bit, I'm starting with higher hips. I'm keeping the bar closer during the first pull.
The did some floor press: 135lbx10, 225x10, 315x1 (felt like a ton), 275x5x2.
Then did abs.

I'll get some video of the next session. Curious to see if anyone has thoughts on the hip position with the first pull. I also did a bunch of handle work and axe throwing between sets.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Craig Brown
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You've been busy, Arden!

Got any good resources for a city boy who just bought a bunch of acres of hardwoods? I've used a chainsaw, but only on Truss Joists and GluLams. Won't get out there for a year, but there will be some clearing to be done then...


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